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    Where is the machine to lock down the country and to unlock it again?

    Are you confused at the title or thinking that I have a plan to automate the whole process of unlocking in phases? It's not like that but you may say that I am on a mission to find out the machine. Machines are there for our convenience. We use machines regularly for various tasks. Actually, nowadays we are much dependent on machines because of the advancement of technologies. Naturally, if we see people doing some complex tasks manually we think of whether machines are available for those tasks. Often kids do ask whether machines for some tasks are there or not. There was complete lockdown for a long time and now it's the period to unlock in phases. It was somehow difficult to impose a strict lockdown all over the country for many reasons and similarly, the phases of unlocking also have to be strictly monitored. There is a kid who found this whole process of lockdown and unlocks daunting tasks and thought it is impossible for humans to do it. Moreover, since to lock and unlock we use keys the kid thought there must be a machine that is controlling the whole process of lockdown and unlock in phases. Curiously, the kid asked where the machine to lock and unlock the whole country is situated. Can anyone help that kid to find out the machine?
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    That was the funny question from a kid in asking where is the machine to lock and unlock. The six months ordeal of lock down has gone deep into the minds of children and they are getting stunned and worried about the future as they cannot meet their close friends, relatives, nor visit schools or playground. All these things are making them insecure to live under four walls as they are being questioned and bothered through online class, there is none to help them to clarify the doubts and no play. Naturally children are getting all sorts of doubts on lock down which is the new phrase for them and that is why they are posing questions.
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    Please tell the kid that It is a very big machine with a lock shaped like India in the map, and the keyhole is at Delhi, and the key is with the Prime Minister(Now with Modi). Inside the big lock, there are some small locks in the shape of states, and the hole is in the capitals, and the key is held with the Chief Ministers.
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    The system of the big machine may sound funny, but on second thoughts, I think it would have been a lot better if we really had a big machine to analyse the situation and announce the lock down or the unlock. This would have at least reduced some controversies regarding the time and ways.
    I remember, when the first lock down was announced, few sections were quite dissatisfied and had also revolted. But a machine diagnosing a situation could be something like an MRI being done to know the exact situation of the disease/problem.
    Wish we get the machine soon.

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    Lock and unlock. The key to open or lock the whole country is in the hands of Central government. Once the main lock is opened, there will be inside compartments with one lock to each compartment. The Key for these locks will be in the hands of the State Government. Again in the state, there will be some compartments called Districts. The Keys for these districts will be with the District collector and he has to work as per the instructions of the State Government. This is what I understand.
    But these locks are not perfect and there are many ways for the people to escape these restrictions and the governments are also going for partial lockdowns.
    Specking technically if there is a machine to assess the situation and can decide whether to lock or unlock, we will have a better situation. But so far nobody invented such machine.

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