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    Mudslinging politics must be avoided

    The voters and the people are closely watching the performance of the ruling party and the competence of the opposition parties. Having failed to garner any evidence of corruption and scams the opposition parties are now taking to social media to malign and demean the good performance of the ruling party and in turn the ruling party is also taking on the social media to malign the opposition parties to the hilt. People know what is right and who is right and therefore they wont get influenced by mudslinging activities to decide the future government.
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    It's not even a good idea to get influenced by the reports of media or social media posts. Let people judge the performance of the political parties by applying their minds. What is happening around us is very disturbing and rather than thinking rationally people are being influenced by the media through various reports. I found many national news channels are providing their own opinion on news items rather than reporting. Their jobs must be to report what has happened or is happening and the countrymen should be allowed to decide themselves. Unfortunately, that is not happening. I found many news channels acting in a biased way towards a certain political party whereas, the ground reality is quite different. Look around to find what is happening around you rather than being fed by media about something which you won't be able to verify. Thing logically, this is a democratic country and every political party has a fair chance of winning the elections based on their performance.

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    In India majority of the politicians are interested in their self-development and their family development. In Mahabharata, only one Dhritarashtra. But these days we see many Dhritarashtras with eyes in our society. They are not bothered about the people. So their ultimate aim is to get into power. That is why instead of concentrating on people and their welfare, the opposition parties always try to make the ruling party bad in the thoughts of the voters. The biased media always support them with their vested interests. Unless otherwise, this changes the country will not progress.
    There is a problem with the voters also. They go by the caste and religion of the caste contesting to cast their vote instead of seeing the performance of the individual. This is more in rural areas and how to come out of this system is a big question.

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