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    Power and position corrupts you. Telangana ACB seizes 4.47 crores from Devika Rani.

    Power and greed go hand in hand and there is no end to it, even if leads to your downfall in a big way. The Telangana Anti-Corruption Bureau(ACB) has seized Rs. 4.47 crores from two women officials. One of them is suspended former Director of Insurance Medical Services (IMS) Devika Rani.

    What really astonishes me as to how are people able to live without a conscience, while doing all kind of corrupt things. No doubt the lady must have worked hard to reach to the position she was working on but the position and power she achieved actually corrupted her and her deeds.

    What really goes wrong with them that they misuse and misappropriate the taxpayers' money for their own benefit only and thereby wasting a good opportunity to serve people in general.
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    Myself also came across this news which tarnishes the image of sincere officers who are working for the welfare and goodwill of the people. Here one government officer has misused her position and power and amazed wealth beyond limit and thus the insiders must have tipped the ACB to raid her and caught red handed. One thing is sure the government officers are paid good salary and perks and they need not stoop to the level of indulging in scams and corrupt practices. Most of the officers fail to note one big thing that ever money they spend and received would be audited and accounted for and any small development in their life would seen with suspicious eyes and thus ACB would be tipped to verify and chase. Here she has been making money since many years and now she is caught red handed and all the past deeds are also viewed in.
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    What I really don't understand and wonder about is - Ladies are doing these sorts of things. So far, I used to think only about the males who involve in such corrupt practices. I have great respect for ladies. Now they lost their respect. I won't trust ladies any more in my life.
    This is what gender equality. If men can do it, why not ladies. This is the attitude of the modern-day ladies. Ladies are not the weaker sex, but stronger sex than men of the present. They too are corrupt, most corrupt.
    We have seen one powerful beautiful star lady who was a better administrator but was fully corrupt behind the screen, and had to count the bars.

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    These days corruption is more severe than the Corona Virus. There is no mask to avoid this and there is a social distance to avoid it. Unless otherwise, you give money your work can't be done. How wisely they did the transactions is astonishing. They created two dummy companies and raised Purchase Orders on the name of those companies and released the money. Later on, it was found that there are no such companies.
    The main problem starts with politicians. They take a huge amount from these officers to appoint them in these posts. once they join, their mission will be to get back that amount. That is how these scams will happen. Finally, the sufferers are public and the money of taxpayers is going into the accounts of officers and politicians. There should be a strict mechanism to control such happenings. But in our country, it is not possible to implement strict laws under the guise of democracy.

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    Power corrupts a person and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This saying goes well for such people. These people take advantage of the lacunae in system and try to make as much money as possible from the corrupt practices. They would not think that if they are caught then their life would be miserable as we have seen some such high position people now sitting behind the jail grills. Surprising thing is that they are not afraid of anyone and feel that they are above the law. They simply forget that even the kings and lawmakers are not beyond the law and would be punished if caught. I think we should evolve a system in which the clandestine complaints would be accepted by the law enforcement agencies and people should be asked to complain about these people so that it creates a big fear in their mind and they do not dare to do any such thing. Anonymous complaints should be entertained and let these people prove that they are not corrupt. I hope such systems would be instituted soon.
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    The person starts corruption to fulfill his personal interests but gradually after some time it becomes involved in one of his habits. In today's time, corruption is increasing greatly, in which some people are going to become part of it deliberately and some inadvertently. Today members of the government, big officials, people working in small positions can be misleading, it is up to the person's own conscience. But in the definition of corruption, corruption should not be evaluated according to the man or woman. .
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