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    It is important to know the importance of history and learn from it

    History of anything plays an important role. After all, we should know what we were before and what we are today.
    Now, to say that history repeats itself, it is correct to say that but never did we think that why history repeats itself? The answer is very simple because we have not learned anything from our past. That's why history has repeated itself.
    History does not tell the future, History tells us that we should build our future keeping in mind the mistake that has happened in the past and when we do not remind those mistakes then History will be repeated again and again, That is why we have to correct or keep the present, only then the future will be right and this is the history that teaches us.
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    History is made and history has been happening since many era and years and it all records into the data base either in books or computers. Our Indian history dates back to Indus valley civilization and we have very less time to read and understand our own history. However history is important in many respects. It tells about what has happened in the past in the given circumstances. It drawn conclusion between those periods and leave the judgement to ourselves. For example the age of the person and their living period is more when compared to now and present era. It is said that Ravana lived for 800 years and it is mentioned in the history. Now we cannot believe in this present era as the maximum age is about 85 years or less. And those who lived more than 100 years are considered to be great and blessed.
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    History will teach us what we have to do and what we should not do? If we do it, what happens can be understood by going through the history. What are the mistakes our ancestors did will be known to us and that will teach us some lessons? So history learning is very important.
    But history should not be changed by the writers. If they change it and write, the next generations will get wrong information only. Our Indian history gives some part of the history only and the names of some real persons who struggled for freedom are missing from our history books.
    But knowing history is good but living always under the glory of history is of no use. We should learn the lessons and leave it there and try to see how we can make our future better so that it will be a good history for the coming generations,

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    History starts from our house itself. Grandparents narrate their own stories providing eminent truths of their life. It is also about the great kings and kingdoms, their acts and outcomes that we learn from the books. Finally, we have to act and act together. If only one person understands and moves in the right path, does not make a difference. All the masses together have to lead towards the goal on a single path which may be unrealistic in the true sense.
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    I think, if we search properly in the events of history we can definitely find some answers for the future. In a way, it does tell us what might happen in the future if we choose a course of action that had been taken by many in the history. I also think its both true and false that we haven't or have learnt from the history.
    For example, the great toll taken at human lives by swine flu hasn't taught us anything and therefore, this pandemic is created by COVID 19. It is quite evident that we are still not prepared for new kinds of viruses generating from carnivorous animals or as a by product of consuming carnivorous animals. It seems that after this pandemic ends (if at all it does someday), a new such virus will take its place and torment the humans in the future.

    On the other hand, people have learnt from earlier mistakes in the history and that is why lots of people with good heart have worked against any future world war. If a world war happens again, then according to Rabindranath Tagore, we will be going crores and crores years back in history to the time when civilization started. I think people have thought of this and hence not indulged in such heinous acts for the time being.

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    History is very important because it gives us direction in the future. If we delete history from our mind, we have to start from scratch again.

    Some of our leaders like former CM of Andhra Pradesh, without knowing the importance of History, mocked at History saying that it is a waste subject and it has to be removed from the curriculum. He might be having some mal-intention in it because he became the CM of AP by back-stabbing his father-in-law, N.T. Rama Rao and he does not want people to remember the incident through History books.

    The old history books that were written in India by court poets, are very much biased, most of the time eulogising the patronising kings. We cannot do anything about those books. But modern historians should write history in a rational way, then only it will be helpful for the future, otherwise those books will only be useful for polarising the society.

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    History is the record of all the happenings in the past and definitely a treasure house of information. Reading History makes us to know about the great warriors of their times, splendid personalities and their achievements, great scientists and their contributions to the progress of the science, great kings who did a lo for their people, great politicians who changed the direction of the society and things like that. So there are many takeaways from the History and it makes sense to study this so rich a subject.
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