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    Parents should teach good manners to their children

    Some of the children get spoiled due to undue and unrestrained love by their parents. Their impudence, sass and ill activities cause trouble for other people and push them in an uneasy situation. Generally, people tolerate all ill activities and troublesome nature of these children for the sake of keeping any quarrel at bay with their parents. This situation, mainly, is experienced in small town where people socially are not unknown to each other in contrast with metro cities. Sometimes it happens when such a spoilt child shows impudence to any person and he complaints his parents about his impudence, instead of scolding their child they try to daub his impudence and bad manners. This defence by parents is detrimental for their children.
    All parents love their children but this love should not be blind. It is their responsibility to raise their children by teaching them good manners and moral teachings.
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    Most parents are worried that they do not know whether they are teaching their children the values ??of life properly. Between striving for achievements and building the right values ??of life is the life of the child, which motivates them to move forward. Children live by the desire to learn by nature. Wherever they get to learn anything, they learn from there. Whether it is good or bad. Give good value to children every day and try to ensure that their bad values are not affected by children. Also, never use scattered words in front of children. When children are presented as big ideals, then there will be little possibility for children's love to move towards elders, otherwise these distances will continue to grow. Children are the future of the country and support for your future, today we will give these children these values, they will be changed in their virtue.
    Swati Sharma

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    Parents responsibility in teaching good manners to their wards is second to none. They should practice and show them to their children. Simply telling many not serve the purpose. But these days the parents are having many other important works and hence they are not able to concentrate on their children. As explained by the author sometimes the activities some children will put others in problems. But their parents will never feel that they should set right their children. Otherwise, they will become trouble making guys and they have to face the problems from other people in the area.
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    Neither the parents are irresponsible not the child is spoilt. This is life, we cannot out the other person's shoe to our legs. All the parents want their wards to be much better than what they are. They struggle hard and put all the efforts, day and night. It is the situation that one faces in their lives which leads them to forcibly take-up bad decisions. Children would later repent on it but by then it will be late sometimes. So taking care of children is a great responsibility. To make them as better citizens parents have to strive hard, make positive decisions, involve them in good manners and activities for a better life and future.
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    There is a great saying in Tamil which says " Aaaril vilaivadhu Aruvadil vilayadhu " that means that which can be made to bend and mend at 6 years, we cannot try the same at 60 years. Parents play great role in mending the ways of the children at the early age. In fact the mother would play the important role in teaching the best things in young life and those child being taught good manners would never forget their behavior even after they become big and living on their own. The seeds of good manners sown in the child age would become the most effective way of living and continuing the same with good manners even at the wee end of the life. Always when a child performs good and studies well the whole credit goes to the parents and especially the mother would be appreciated for the child behavior in public.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Parents role is very crucial in the bringing up of the children but very few people understand that and most of them protect their children if someone complaints to them about the misbehaviour of their children. This encourage the child to repeat those offences.
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    Good parenting is not easy. Most of the parents have no idea about parenting. So, they always give pressure to fullfil their dream. They never try to know children's wish. No doubt, Parents having important role in upbringing of children. They provide all comfort and necessity for better development of children, sometimes, it is seen that parents are more protective and caring towards children. So, such children having lack of confidence and prove unfit in sustaining up and down of life. Parents should take care in a balanced way so that they would be able to life live successfully. Children's mind are just like plain paper. It depends on you what you are writing. Children follow everything whether it is good or bad.

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