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    The Indian Government bans some more Chinese Apps in India

    The Ministry of Information & Technology, Government of India announced today about the ban on119 Chienes mobile applications. Some apps that are banned are PUBG, Livik, PUBG MOBILE LITE, WeChat Work and WeChat reading.

    It is mentioned that the government received many complaints from various sources saying about the misuse of these apps. These complaints say that these apps are used for stealing and transferring user's data to service providers outside India in an unauthorised manner. These will have a lot of impact on the safety and security data which will become a big threat to the defence of the country.

    I welcome the decision and China should feel the pinch. I think this will send a lesson to China that our country is in no mood to compromise on the interest of the independence of the country.
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    When those apps are a threat to national security, the government has taken the right decision. I do not know whether there is already any security breach because of those banned apps and I am sure along with this ban that angle will also be looked into. National security, sovereignty and integrity is of prime importance and for that, some rules have to be adopted. I am not aware of how many servers that contain sensitive information of the country is outside India. If there is any such server outside India the database of that server has to be migrated to a local server inside the country. Sensitive information should not be there outside the country and inside the country, there must be proper security measures to protect information.

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