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    Can we expect quality behavior from children after Pubg ban?

    It is the fact that most of the Indian children and even the youth were addicted to PUBG game and they used to be engrossed in the game leaving all their daily routines and responsibilities getting bombarded by parents and others. When the parents asked them to abstain from playing this game they would simply ignore the orders. And now the app has been permanently banned by the Indian government much to the relief of the parents. The question is whether can we see a qualitative behavior in the children henceforth after this ban?
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    At this time, the 'PUBG game' was quite prevalent among children and youth. Children and young people have become addicted to it by playing this game day and night. It can be estimated from its figures that how much popularity it has among smartphone users. Such games made many children violent and their concept was to destroy all of them to establish their kingship. The effect of which is evident in the behavior of children. The behavior of children and youth after the addiction of Games was a matter of concern for a long time. There will be some time left for banning the app and the youngsters who were addicted to it will have some difficulty but the decision by the government is very respectful because it will give them a good future by removing this bad addiction.
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    If PUBG goes another app will come. We can't spread a carpet on the path to see that no thorns will get into our foot. we will wear slipper or shoes. We will take care of ourselves. Similarly, everybody will see that they will not get hurt. if our kid wants to go out without slippers we will warn them and tell them to wear slippers but we can't arrange all the roads cleaning every time.
    The parents should see that their children will not get addicted to such apps which are destructive. By getting addicted to that they are spoiling their future. Parents can even be tough with their kids in this aspect and see that they will not get addicted to such issues.
    This is good that the government banned PUBG. we should be thankful to them. But many youth and children are making negative comments about the action of the government in this aspect. The elders should teach them the benefits from the action of the government.

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