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    Every little effort or thing has great importance in life.

    Every big or small building in the world is made of a small brick, then by adding several bricks one by one, the whole building is ready, most people evaluate them just by looking at the building but the person who contributed to make it he must have understood the value and importance of every brick and it is necessary.
    Similarly, in our life, we make many goals and we also fulfill them, for this we go ahead by completing many small steps, even after getting success, we should not forget those stops and those people who have helped ans supports us in our success.
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    Be it our life or any structure, step by step approach would make it big when it is completed and complemented. It is the fact that everything starts with single and alone and when the approach and goal is right and understandable there would be qualitative support to our achievement. Even in our life from the childhood, the parents would hold our hands and learn the intricacies of walking and slowly we try to walk on our own and for that reason we should not forget the parents who made us to keep that first step towards progress of life. Even during the student days the parents toil for us by getting into our personal requirement, getting the educational loan and when we qualify and made big with right job, we should first thank the parents. So there is always a push from back in the life and we should appreciated every effort of every person.
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    Each action of us will affect the final result. So any small mistake will have a big impact on the output. When we look at it, it appears small only. But the overall effect will be more.
    So at every stage and every small action we take should be reviewed and corrective action should be taken immediately so that the final result will be as we expect.
    This is the reason many people say that break down the problem into small pieces and look at the piece which is having the problem. Understand the defect and correct it.
    Sometimes we neglect some actions thinking that they are not so important. But ultimately it will be proved that the damage done by that small issue is very dear.

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    Life itself is a step by step phenomena of billion actions put together to a certain result. Every action thus is an effort towards something. What is important is that this effort must be made in the right direction, so everyone benefits from it. And all are satisfied, each step must be pprocured towatds the community as a whole and not community as a part. Although both wholes and parts make up the entire system. As pointed out by other members if a problem occurs somewhere in our effort we must correct it, or else the nature corrects for us too but in a different manner. Which is why we must pay attention to our actions and make them as meaningful as possible. It is these meaningful choices that ultimatley result in the sucess of our life or the vision of being alive that we all ahare deep within us at each given moment.

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    Small things are also important in our lives. Actually big things are made up from so many small things only. So unless we complete those small things perfectly how can we achieve the bigger targets. Breaking a big job in small elements and completing them element wise is an art which a few managers are aware of. Thinking big is always an ambitious thing but achieving that requires a lot of hard work and continuous efforts and it is the completion of small parts that matters there much. We must learn art of dividing a big job into smaller parts and then getting success in completing it part wise.
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