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    Is our life, our thinking or the thinking of others or our fate?

    Everyone always keeps thinking something in the mind all the time, many times it happens that the subject we are thinking about while it has nothing to do with the present, but still many people do this. Everyone knows that the theory of the Law of attraction which says that you attract something in your life that you think about, this means that we are making our own life in our thinking and then nature will be helping us to make that thinking come true, if it is happening then life will become easier, whatever we want can be found by thinking and and by giving some efforts to achieve it, but how long it will work? Do you believe this theory of attraction? Do our lives really depend on our thinking, do others' thoughts also affect our lives? Members, please share your thoughts.
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    Our thinking and our actions will make our life. But our thoughts and actions of others will have a lot of influence on our decisions and actions. This is what I feel about my life. I do things the way I like. But while doing or while planning to do something I will take into account the experiences and suggestions of some others whom I feel as knowledgable and experienced. But I will not say my life is like this because of them. They never told me to ask them or take their experience into account while deciding my actions. So always we are the architects of our own lives.
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    We are alone responsible for our life and destiny and none to be blamed. If through others decision it affects our fate means we may be in that herd. Some times we rewritten our destiny with sudden twist and turns to our life. Like that others also would enact a game to blame us and unfortunately it would turn to us the blessing and we keep on winning. One thing is sure when we are supposed to go through the ordeal of destiny and pain through others, it is going to happen for sure and it cannot be stopped. Because something which is not in our hand is being operated by the unknown forces to which we are going to be the target.
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    It depends on whether you are influenced by the thought process of others. Thinking is very important but that also depends on what you are thinking about. If you brood over something, it will not help you to progress in any way. When you are making a plan, you have to execute it by following the procedures. Here also only thinking and no action is not going to help. While carrying out the action, others will tell you many things, some may demoralize you, some may encourage you and it all depends on your reaction to what others say. There are many things which are not in our control. We can't do anything about that we can only carry out actions on things which are in our control. While someone is driving, the steering of the car is in her/his control but the person is not aware of the condition of the road. According to the condition of the road, the car has to be controlled. You plan and think. If you need suggestions, you can always take help from your well-wishers. It all depends on the situation.

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    Life is precious and we should be able to lead our life as decided by us though we may be influenced with the thought process of others momentarily. Based upon the situation, we take numerous steps as per our logical thinking. In the same situation others may take entirely different steps suiting to them. Say in case of admission of our kids in some public school, their priorities will vary in respect of choice of school, fee - structure and locality of school. I may opt for DPS as my first priority in respect of admission but many of colleagues would disapprove of such a move because it lacks a superior brand. Hence the decision taken by us is always to be followed without being influenced by others.

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