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    What would you do? Something interesting to discuss.

    To be away from the boring discussions, let us divert ourselves for a while to discuss an interesting issue.

    What would you do?

    You are on your morning walk at the dawn on a Sunday. No one on the road. You are walking alone. You found a brand new laptop bag lying on the roadside.
    Q1.. Will you pick it up/ignore it?

    Supposing you have picked it up. And surprisingly, you found not a laptop in it, but huge bundles of high denomination currency notes of Rs. 2000 (50 bundles worth one crore). Nothing else in it. No address details. No one noticed you picking up the bag.
    Q2. What would you do?

    Supposing, you have handed over the bag to the police station.
    Q3. What would be your further action?

    Supposing, you are retaining it with you as there is no address detail, and felt that handing over to the police would be a foolish action. You feel that God has blessed you and showered luck on you.
    Q4. What would you do?
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    1, Generally, I have no habit of picking anything from the road. So I will ignore the bag.
    2. If I pick and see that there is money in the bag, I will take it to my nearest police station and handover it to the police. I always believe that the money which comes easily to us will also go easily. So I will not retain that money with me.
    3. Once I gave it to the police, I ask them to give the acknowledgement. I will be in touch with them until the case is closed. The money should reach the owner or it should go into the government account.
    4. If I choose not to handover it tom police, I will drop that bag in the Hundi of a temple so that the money will be utilised for the development of the temple.

    always confident

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    Interesting, since you want us to move away from boring discussions so the answers should also not be boring. Also, the mood of author suggests that he doesn't want an ideal answer.

    1. If I see a laptop bag, and assuming it won't blow up (barring few), I will open the laptop and check for the details in laptop of owner. If nothing found I will format the hard drive and make it brand new and then sell it in computer market for a good price and keep the money. Will let you know at the end what will I do with the money.

    2. If I get a crore rupee in the bag, then wow, I had been trying to arrange the same for so long. I will take the money with me, assuming no one saw me and there are no other details as mentioned by the author. As there is no claimaint to the money, I will deposit the same in my bank account in staggered manner.

    3. Going to police, forget it, never. Police doesn't even care to intimate me if they find an undisclosed sum of money for which there is no claimaint. So, since police doesn't bother to intimate me, I will reciprocate the same.

    4. Lastly, as I got the money due to my own sheer luck, I will thank God an go on long holiday, pay off my home loan, credit card dues, personal loan and buy myself a new study table, I don't have one as of now. Its diffcult to work and use laptop on sofa and bed.

    And finally, since I either have used all the money or deposited the same in my bank, so there is a big chance that the Income Tax department will be soon coming after me with a notice to explain the unexplained deposit of cash in my bank account as the banks have intimated the same to them in their Annual Information Report (AIR).

    Also my conscience will be after my life as I have so much money and I have kept most of it to myself, so, I will donate some money to some institutions that will take care of children education and food and all other needs.

    Now, since I listened to my conscience and accordingly done a good deed of donating some money to children in need so all my greed and ill will be set off by the good work done, as the saying goes "Do good and it will come back manifold"

    So, I am absolved of all the guilt and also saved from Income Tax department, as the banks did not file their return in time and police, they have no clue.

    Live before you leave.

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    This is a very interesting thread #SuN sir, well firstly I wo'nt pick it up since it's not mine. I would promptly ask a few passerbys to notify the authorities. In the second scenario that is if I pick it up and found the above mentioned items in it, I would still alert the authorities for the same reason that it is not my property and as Dr. Rao sir above said easy money goes easily. In the third scenario I would ask the police to make sure that the above items reach their rightful owner, if they're not stolen in the first place. The reason I say this is no millionaire in his sane mind will leave a bag with a few million in it. Since the chance of it being stolen is higher I would possibly help the police to find the culprit and earn a reward from the rightful owners. In the fourth scenario I would myself go and search for the rightful owners and if they're not found despite all efforts the money will go in the education and development of poor kids with the rightful authority of the income tax department.

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