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    When it comes to one's entertainment, everything takes a backseat

    Yesterday another lot of 118 Mobile Applications from China faced ban in India and the one name that caught everyone's attention is PUBG game. This multiplayer action game had amassed a huge fan base in a short span of time and was doing a great business from India and around the World. But, at the same time it was collecting huge amount of user data like gps location, access to all content of mobile, etc, which it could have harnessed to use it for purpose best known to it.

    We all know that data is the the next weapon which can be used to control the World. We already see how e-commerce companies, Google use these data to serve us ads and other relevant results. For the time being it is used to provide good and positive service but when it can turn negative is just a matter of time.

    Now we see a lot of negative criticism from youth and adolescents who are actually cursing the government for taking such a step as they feel that this was an unnecessary thing to do. They are asking as to what was the harm in a simple action game.

    Now members can express their view to spread a positive message that not everything is entertainment, there are bigger things involved and no step is taken without prior thinking.
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    As long as a good relationship is maintained, everything will be Okay and taste sweet. If the relationship gets strained, then every thing will go worst and even sweets will taste bitter. This is what happens with the two countries I&C
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    True. In the name of entertainment, we can't afford to pass on sensitive data to the country which is making all efforts to see that our country will surrender to it. But it will not happen. Let us not worry about entertainment and there are many ways for it.
    The action taken by the government is to be appreciated and it is a really good step to bring down the enemy country. We all should try to cooperate with the government and we should see that our data will go to the enemy country. We should not make the enemy country strong by buying their products.
    I hope Indian youth who are very intelligent will understand the good intentions of the Indian government and they will not make negative comments about the good actions taken by the government. Now it is a chance for our technical people to utilize the chance and develop apps which are much better than the banned apps and see that our privacy will be maintained.

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    It is the fact that if any one can sense the exact requirement of the people and create such entertainment app and through which give the whole some coverage of entertainment for the youth and elders that would a winning situation. The way the Pubg has induced and created interest in youth especially the school and college children, it could be noted that even before completing their daily task, the children used to be online and made new friends also online and thus lived best with entertainments. Now with the sudden ban the children would be taken aback as they cannot see alternate to Pubg game and would turn even mad. Indian apps must be ready to mitigate this gap and then only the decision of ban would be appreciated , otherwise it will have negative effect on the Modi government when it goes to polls in the coming term.
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    I think it is an opportunity served on a platter to us (Indians) to learn from the current situation and make the most of it. We shoud create an alternative to the apps already banned, which we have already seen during the previous ban and also to innovate a big way, as there is no dearth of talent in India.
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    Whenever an interesting and engrossing game platform is created it gets the fancy of the people around the world and within short time gathers a large number of users and players. If the company which is managing it is sure and assures the users legally that there is no pilferage or leakage of the individual data to outside its storage then there is absolutely no problem. Many social media giants like Facebook already have our data but they are through legal declarations assuring time to time that nothing would happen to the data of the people in Facebook. So until that sort of guarantee is provided by the company how can we believe that our data is in safe hands and can not be misused. These are the problems that the young people should try to understand and should not rush in for anything that seems entertaining and amusing in the internet.
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