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    Shelf life of most content is now equivalent to shelf life of a white bread

    Internet is full of billions and trillions of pages with content and most of the content is redundant but still we see everyday millions of pages of content is created and submitted to search engines, major being Google.

    A content which is not useful and of relevance gets lost in billions of pages and no one remembers them except the creator. Google itself is doing a daunting task of presenting us with most relevant and updated content. Google follows the policy of giving importance to content that adds value to the reader is highly commendable and all the content creator must follow it before generating any content.

    Content creator may be able to get high ranking through Black Hat SEO and other tricks but in the end their content gets stale like a white bread in a few day.
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    I think google loves updated content. See Wikipedia, no one follows SEO there, but still most of the Wikipedia pages surface at the top. This is because Wikipedia pages are updated daily by a number of users.

    True, Black Hat SEO will not work nowadays. Earlier it used to work but not now. Google's algorithms are very smart to catch those SEO techniques.

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    Google is the best search engine so far I used. I used some other search engines also, But I feel no other SE matched with Google. Google gives us an updated search for the same topic. It may display many results but the important topics will be on the 1st or 2nd page of the search. I hope this will further improve. When I search for some scientific topics, the responses are not up to my expectations. This may be due to the change in the keywords. We should give keys words very accurately and as many relevant papers will be displayed in the searched items list.
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    @ Dr. NV Srinivasa Rao, Google is very much aware that what people search for on its search engine and at the same time so much of redundant data is dumped by many.
    Google does display the most relevant results on its normal search engine but for people like you who wish to find scientific authentic research papers and other relevant scientific data it has already committed another search engine with the name "Google Scholar".

    Now, students, research scholars, scientists, doctors, engineers and other professionals who need authentic published paper by top Universities and Institutions can be found on Google Scholar.

    I would suggest you to use Google Scholar also alongside the normal Google search engine to get more productive and useful data.

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    What ever be the content and matter, it must be new, authenticated and updated. Any old and outdated information would confuse the content users and that is the reason being so even ISC has been removing old posts of no relevance and therefore cleansing the process of bad information. One thing is sure the Google has been striving to update the information through updates and reviews from the on line users and that way giving the content the new lease of life unless previously the content once posted were the permanent feature irrespective of its originality or even fraudulent sharing.
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