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    Is it true that out of sight is out of mind

    'Out of sight is out of mind' is a familiar adage. If we do not see someone frequently, or do not see for a long time,there is a chance that that person may be forgotten by us. Repeat is an easy way for recall.

    I am out of sight from ISC forum for last many days. So there can a probability that I may be soon forgotten by forum members. This thread is a conscious effort to prevent that.
    As I am holding an official responsibility in a community welfare association, I had been engaged in its various work and activities these days. Added to this my wife suffered a fall and spinal fracture and had to be hospitalised and is now taking recovery rest. Al these kept me engaged and so could not spare time for ISC comfortably.

    I hope that it may be a few more days for me to resume my normal participation in ISC.
    Season's Greetings to all my fellow ISCians
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    As far as ISC forum participants are concerned, this does not apply at all. Even those who are not active in the forum and have contributed to other sections are recalled from time to time. You see, there is, as I've often said, this affinity to ISC and a bonding that just cannot be explained in black and white. In fact, you were missed in this thread and I was expecting your presence in our active GD.

    In general, good friends and close relatives are never, ever out of mind, always lovingly and affectionately remembered even when they are not in touch for years on end. Sometimes one does feel hurt that somebody with whom you have had a good rapport does not communicate with you on a regular basis, but one has to accept that it is what it is. No point in needless maudlin thoughts.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    What are you saying? Venkiteswaran and forgetting Venkiteswaran. NO. Though we could assume and presume some reason for your missing, we missed you during the Onam days, especially in the thread initiated by Madam Vandana about Onam Sadhya. Sorry to note that Mrs. Venkiteswaran had a fall and hospitalized. We pray God for a speedy recovery and your early return to resume ISC work.
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    The phrase you have used is well known. But it may not hold good in the case you have mentioned. You are a very senior member with a lot of knowledge in many fields, Your posts are very educative and many members may be getting educated and learning many new aspects. So how it is possible to forget just as you are missing for a few days on this site. We may remember and think of you more during your absence. When we don't see any posting from you we feel that we are missing and losing a chance of learning some new points on that day due to your absence. Sometimes it happens that we may not be able to participate here for a longer duration. But chances of forgetting a member so easily is not possible, in case of members like you.
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    I feel sad about your wife's fracture, I hope your wife will get well soon. Sir, I may not known you for a long time, but your contribution on this website ISC is commendable. I do not think that you will ever forget you. You are always one of the special members of ISC. We all have an emotional attachment with someone and when we are alone and think of a particular person, it means that we are remembering them. You will never out of mind from us.
    Swati Sharma

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    It is true that out sight is out of mind but out of ISC site for few days does not mind because, here also nothing has changed, same members, same exchange of discussions on topics, but only thing is were missing your presence on some important topics on discussion which comes as and when it was raised by our esteemed members. One thing is sure for a seasoned member like you, there is always a chance to connect with the existing members sooner or later but for the new member you are also new to them and thus there could be some understanding time be given. Nevertheless we are waiting for you.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    As Vandana Ma'am has rightly said in her reply, this is not applicable here. In fact, for the past couple of days, I was thinking about you and missing your regular contributions. It's good to see you here again and I wish Mrs Venkiteswaran a speedy recovery. At times we become busy with various activities and that's why cannot log in to post here but the adage mentioned in the title of this thread is not applicable to ISC in any way. Stay well and keep yourself busy.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Sir this not true especially in the case of this platform. We believe despite our many differences that education as a tool must be acessible to all. This platform enshrines this in every way possible, and this is possible only with true passion and hardwork of all the members and seniors included. The above phrase does apply to certain bitter truths about human relationships. But this platform I suppose goes a bit further deep into the very realm of knowledge. There in that ideal realm such baser ideas and phrases have no meaning. We at Isc believe in contributing and evolution of the entire network as a whole. Hope this clarifies our position as a collective. Wishing your wife a speedy recovery and you all the best in future.

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    It is very sad to know about the incident with your wife and we pray for her speedy recovery. You have posted an interesting post to remind the members about this old saying that out of sight is out of mind. You being a senior member and having made so many excellent contributions in ISC, cannot be forgotten and I have seen during my 3 years association here that whenever a member comes back after a hiatus he is welcome in a homely fashion and that is really what I liked about this site. ISC members never forget their associations with other members and that is the force which brings us back here time to time.
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    It is really an unfortunate development that your wife is suffering from fracture and is on the way to her recovery. I wish her a speedy recovery so that you may resume your activities in the ISC plateform as usual. Out of sight, out of mind is not applicable always. There are some members and in case of their absence from the site for some days will offer us the room for suspicion. However, you have taken pain to explain the incident and hope you would take utmost care for her speedy recovery.

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