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    Can we imagine a paperless world?

    Paper is very important for the world. A school, a college, an institute or any Organisation is using paper for many of their operations. Hard copies of all communication are being filed. Paper consumption is very high. But the paper manufacturing industry uses a lot of wood as an important raw material in the process. This is causing a big threat to the universe. A lot of paper is being recycled but that alone will not be sufficient for the paper industry.
    As a part of environmental protection, many people started using paper to the lowest possible and paperless office and paperless administration are picking up. The development of Digital Technologies supported this movement.
    Even in colleges also usage of Tablets and Laptops is increasing and consequently, there is a decrease in paper usage.
    COVID 19 has encouraged many to stop reading the printed version of Newspaper and many are reading them online. But still many people are not getting out of the habit of reading the printed version.
    Emails, messages, WhatsApp, smartphone etc. made us stop writing letters for communications with friends and relatives.
    Online money transactions also helped a lot and we avoided filling forms by going to banks.
    All these actions put together helped a lot in reducing paper consumption and helped the environment.
    With all these initiatives going stronger, can we aim for a paperless world? Can digital technologies help us with this concept?

    This is my entry for the contest
    August 2020 Topic-based TOW - Paper
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    There has been continued effort and talk to bring in paperless work and let every transaction be through e way but no break through has been achieved so far. For example while the banks are insisting the customers to use the paper less transactions and not to visit the bank and seek bank pass book updates and so on. But inside the bank the vouchers, the sanction vouchers, the withdraw and deposit forms has to be maintained and even the fixed deposit certificates need to be printed along with the pass books regularly. This proves that the paperless work cannot be imagined in near future, however a start has been made and many customers have stopped visiting the banks like previously and many transactions are affected through online and banks are not visited by the regular customers except for any problem or reasons.
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    That's hard to imagine and I think is not possible. It can be reduced to some extent but how would we feel if we have to read everything on a device? It's true that we are surrounded by various gadgets and we hardly use a pen and paper for writing but for learning a language one has to write. While a hard copy of a book is easily accessible, for a soft copy version of the book you need a gadget which must be fully charged and need the power to function. At times, looking at the small screens of the gadgets may be a bit strenuous. Considering all these, it's difficult to imagine a paperless world.

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    We tend to use paper every day and we miss the opportunity to read online. Even though we have e-mails, internet support we need to maintain a few valid documents. Assets and receipts are still in the paper if you have to keep this for a record.
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    Many people like us like to read but we cannot spend much time online on mobile or laptop, the fun of reading which comes in hard copy or paper form cannot come online when we read a book or paper on our body. Has many benefits. One of them is good sleep. If you sleep through reading a good book at night, then the second day is very full of energy. Every person must read a book for half an hour every day. Reading a book also relieves stress and loneliness. There is definitely a phase of growth for Digital India, but it is impossible to have a world without paper because the bits of data or computer cannot replaced the value of paper. I am habitual to read paper and different books and can not imagine a world without paper.
    Swati Sharma

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    It is very difficult to imagine paperless world as we need paper for doing so many activities. The value of paper never would be less whether our technology should reach at great height. Technology makes our life comfortable and easier but can't take the position of paper as reading books on the internet is more tough compare to reading books on a soft copy. Paper has it's own importance and can't be replaced by digital mode.

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    The technology is the main carrier today that takes the human habitat and way of living towards the anticipated bright and glorious future. In that pursuit one thing that we observe is gradually less use of paper and more use of the online forms, screen savers, PDF documents, saved files, downloaded reference, OTP based verification and things like that. Seeing this gives a clue that yes, we are definitely moving towards a paperless regime. I remember earlier we used to keep some important things noted in a paper slip or small notebook but now that trend is going in the background as everyone is noting things in a memo sheet in the mobile. This change is very perceptible and going to stay till it is replaced by some more versatile system where only speech would be an input to the devices and even typing would cease.
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