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    Have you wondered the similarity in the religions?

    We believe in God with different religious faiths. We have three main religions in the world viz Hindu, Christian and Islam.
    Hindus worship their God in a Temple
    Christians worship their God in a Church
    Muslims worship their God in a Mosque

    What a wonder! God is the same with six letters. Temple, Church and Mosque has only Six alphabets to spell. This is clearly evident that God is not different, but only one.

    Do you have anything else to prove that God is only one?
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    God is God only. Whatever name you call he will answer. The difference is in the caller.
    The name of the person is Satya Harish. Some people call him Satya. Some call him Harish and some call him as Satya Harish. But the person is the same.
    Similarly, God is the same for all religions. Some may call him Vishnu, some may call him Jesus and some may call him all. But the same God will respond to all.
    The difference is in human beings only. They think there are different GODs. But God is only.

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    Truth has not logical modality attached to it. It is by definition self-evident. So whatever you perceive as truth will always be infront of you. Some worship this formless one in nature others in men, more so others in love and likewise some believe it is nothingness. They see this formless one in bubbles of their thoughts. The bubbles are many a billion colors radiating from each but the ocean is one. Beyondness and within does it lie.

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    The Supreme power is God. We all pray to this power without any religious discrimination. I have visited all the three places and we tend to get peace of mind, a positive impact, a soothing effect when we are in a religious place. The vibration is the same whether it is church, temple or mosque.
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    I do agree with the author that every religion rely on their own faith and follow the power of God and pray them as per their given sect. While Hindus offer prayers in temple in front of the deity or the statue of the God, where as the Muslims offer prayer facing the Mecca on the west and thus there is no any statue or other things present in front of them while offering prayers and they pray in groups for five times in a day. And the Christians offer their prayers in front of Jesus statue, Mary Matha or even the Bible and they pray in groups and not alone. What I liked the most in three religion, that who ever may be the person, rich or poor, leader or common man, they have to bow the head in front of the God, and that is where lies the main take that this world is controlled by the likes and denial of super power God.
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    The truth is that God is one and will remain the same. Many people would not have noticed this, which has been told by the author in this thread. The different forms of God that we see in different religious religions are in fact consistent with our hope and devotion, but if we talk about learning, then in all scriptures, humanity is considered to be the greatest worship. Every religion says that help others, do not make anyone sad, donate to the poor, etc. God never says to give up everything and give people sorrow in the name of religion or bother people. There is no power in the world that can bring down a human being, a human being is dropped by a human being. It is not that all people in the world are bad, there is a balance of good and bad people in this world. Give the most importance to your humanity, perhaps the God of every religion will be happy with you.
    Swati Sharma

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    God is the supreme power of the universe and is only one. It is unfortunate that different societies and communities have their own Gods and due to utter confusion they think that their God is supreme while other Gods are not so or even not existing. This is a narrow prospective of thinking about that supreme power and this thinking is the source of many confrontations and the wars in the world.
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    There is absolutely no doubt that the Almighty is one only though different people have different perceptions about it. It is our growing up time when we are introduced to God by our parents or society and are being taught its importance in our lives. Whatever is told to us sticks to our tender mind at that point of time and remains for life time. The beauty in the concept of faith of God is that it is linked to good deeds and good things in our lives and just by worshipping and following him keeps a man away from vices and incubates a religious confidence in him. Having faith and belief in that supreme power is itself an achievement in the lives of believers and what more advantage we want by praying Him.
    Knowledge is power.

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