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    Working hard is important but taking a break is even more important.

    We all work hard to achieve our goals and even more to sustain the heights achieved in our life. Many a times we falter or start to crumble because we forget to take a break and in the end burn out.
    It is important to take a break after every day of hard work so that we rejuvenate enough for the next days challenge. We actually burn ourselves in our job and work so much that we forget to give time to ourselves and family just to accumulate resources for future.

    We must understand that all material resources deplete with time but our inner strength must remain constant to face the challenges of daily life till we are on this planet. We must take time to contemplate and pray as rest of the work will go on and on even if we are not there, so we must care for ourselves and our family.
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    Good post by the author. I agree with the author it's very important that we take rest after work. Sucess and sleep both are important for a well functioning mind and body. Excess of either will result in poor health or overall depletion of self-worth, a major sign of poverty. We must work hard and work up to the mettle in whatever're passionate and do our work as truthfully as possible. One must not undermine one's self worth as nature has created us all with amazing potentials so unique that many of us do not realize until time has passed. Thus we must work to unleash our true potentials at the same time leaving the nature to take care of us.

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    What I feel that when a person was working hard and wanting to take the break, that interval would be used to explore new ways to continue and complete the work in smart way. So the worker who commence the work after the break is not only fast but also does the task in different way to complete the work. In this regard I appreciate the relay works in factories where in a piece of work is assigned to each worker who completes his task and the product goes to the next table to complete their piece of work, In this type of process, the worker would not get the fatigue or slowdown or boring, as the work would be smooth with relay concept. One thing is sure the break should be taken when the current task is completed and one should not leave the work when the process is going on and that would mean dereliction of our duties.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    A little rest in between is important. According to experts, small breaks in the middle of work can reduce all the problems caused by reducing the work pressure, how can the small breaks save you from the big problems. Now a days every person want to be on the top and has achieved something big, for this, he does not back down from spending day and night. Many times the result is increased problem of head, eyes, spine, digestive system, waist etc. Small problems caused by working continuously for many hours, later go on to treat diseases like diabetes, thyroid. If we are also traveling, then the bus in which we will travel also stops at stops from time to time, do not have to run continuously in life but it is very important to give yourself some rest according to the demand of the general.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    @K Mohan Sir, I completely agree with you, but a person does not remain at the same position, especially in office job. He gets promoted and more responsibilities are given. With each passing year as the salary increases so does the burden of work. Human capacity decreases with age but the work burden increases. If I consider human capacity as 'X' axis and office work as 'Y' axis then draw them on a graph paper. It will show that both 'x' and 'y' axis will intersect at on place and then from that point of intersection 'x' axis will go down and 'y' axis will go up. Here the burnout starts and it becomes very necessary to contemplate and choose work wisely.
    It is also applicable to students, they must work wisely by taking breaks in studies too.

    Live before you leave.

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    Too much is not advisable people say. I know a person who used to be in the library for 16 to 18 hours and never used to take any rest and never going for a small entertainment also. After working like that for 7 to 8 hears he has become completely mad and he was to be treated by psychiatrists.
    We have to understand the point here. One should make his brain a little free sometimes and also he should give rest for some time to his body parts. Then only our heart can work without any break or rest.
    As you grow up in the ladder in the career, your responsibilities will increase. It may not increase your physical work but your brain has to work more and as mentioned by the author your mental abilities will come down as you grow old. So we should see that there will be a balancing act somewhere and that we can achieve by taking a break for some time from your official responsibilities. That is why the concept of Leave travelling allowance has come. Some organisations insist its employees go definitely on leave and enjoy with the family of a tour and they will support the trip financially. Many companies will not pay LTA if you don't apply for leave. This is the underlying concept. If we work for some time on sites like ISC, it will be a break from routine works.

    always confident

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    Human nature is like that. It searches for a break after a spell of hard work. It is a change mechanism that works here. This change is required to divert the mind from the current routine and then rejuvenate it to come back again for it. That is the cycle that is required to be followed. Every one requires this and those who do not take break sometimes get disturbed and feel themselves loaded with the task. Though they go on doing it as a habit but it is not good for their mental as well as physical health. We have to keep a balance of work and break in our routine functioning.
    Knowledge is power.

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    I can't imagine working without a break. I have seen and I am always astonished by the fellow beings who are able to work for continuous long hours without taking a break. For me a break in between to revitalise myself is a necessary ingredient to go ahead in carrying my routines. I feel it is essential.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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