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    Importance of intrapersonal relationship

    Members, how important is intrapersonal relationship in our life? Intrapersonal relationship basically indicates how well you know yourself? Does it have an impact on our overall growth and career? To what extent does our perception of ourselves govern our life in day to day activities and our contribution to the society? Let us discuss the overall impact of intrapersonal relationship.
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    We all get recognition by living in the social system. Interpersonal relationships have special importance in social life. The content of a these relationships can be multi-tiered and includes various emotions such as love, compassion, friendship, etc. This type of relationship can also be characterized by characteristics and situations such as competence, business transactions, hostility, etc. A relationship can be determined and changed according to an interpersonal conflict, which arises from a deviation between two or more individuals. We manage mutual relationships on our own, these relationships also support us and also create an identity of us.
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    Intrapersonal relations should not be considered the same as interpersonal skills. Intrapersonal means within the person. Not with other people. If a person knows what are his strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, he can plan himself in a better way his future and his career.
    Self-esteem, open-mindedness, the ability to learn, managing your own emotions, self-confidence, self-discipline, self-motivation, being patient, being a self-starter, working independently, having a positive attitude are some of the intrapersonal skills. How you get enriched skills and you manage them will decide the growth of your career.
    self-motivation, focus, and confidence will play an important role in our progress. The persons are said to have great intrapersonal skills if they are having these qualities. Such people can progress well in their life with a clear goal and a path to reach there.

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    When we progress from a child to the youth level, and then to a distinguished position or power, the transformation within us would also change and we alone know the same. A naughty child during his kid days may not continue the same kind of behavior as one day or the other he would realize the mistake of not grown to the expectations of others. As the person grows, he transforms himself. he knows how to behave with the children, youth and elders. If this level of gauging and behaving is done. then the person is noticed for the best intra-personal relations on display. Not only the behavior the person must understand the feelings of the others, focus on the understanding capacity and ability of others, and be a well wisher in trouble times of others are the best quality a person inculcates with his good behavior with same kind of thought persons.
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    Intrapersonal means to know oneself and that is sometimes not an easy task. No one admits one's mistake to himself. In our mind we feel that what we did was correct and does not require revision. Those who have intrapersonal skills can take better decisions as they assess themselves before venturing in any area old or new. For a successful life one has to possess both - interpersonal skills as well as intrapersonal observations.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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