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    A middle class person is similar to cheese in a sandwich.

    A sandwich will never taste good if there is no cheese and fillings in between the breads or buns. Same is the case with the economy, the middle class person is supposed to be the most juicy and tasty ingredient of the country who is stuck in between the rich and the poor.

    If governemnt needs fund, it will impose a tax or raise prices of essential commodities to fill its exchequer and then distribute the same to the poor in form of subsidy and direct benefit transfer. If a rich needs money to do business he will go to the banks where the middle class deposits it all the savings and later on if the business fails, the company is wound up and the Directors flee the country, the ultimate loser is the middle class.

    So, if there is no middle class then there is no taste to either the rich or the poor. The country will be like a sandwich served without fillings.

    Although the observation is just a limited view and does not represent everything generally but some bitter experiences have compelled me to know the opinion of others too.
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    I do agree with the author that it is the middle class who are sincere tax payers does not get any meaningful government benefits and yet his money deposited in the banks are used as the loans sanctioned to big business people and they turn to be non payer and flee away. It is always seen that the rich enjoy the patronage of the govt at the cost of poor man funding. For example there is a long express way in Hyderabad that connects the city to the airport through short cut. The flyover was constructed with the contributions from the middle class tax paying ability and yet no scooter, three wheeler are allowed on that flyover and only high speed cars would ply. Why should the middle class sponsor big projects aimed to meet the requirements of the rich. This has been going on through every government and we are the silent tax payers for their good.
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    Wealthy people have no shortage of wealth, they will live life by gathering resources even in disaster, the poor help the government and social workers and rich people live life with that help, but a middle class family has neither wealth not that poor who helps him then how will he survive for himself and his family in times of disaster. Just think, all of you people should think and the government should solve this problem of middle class families even before such situations occur in time. The system of our country should keep in mind that , helplessness can come in front of any person at any time. Fixed deposits are common practice in the middle class family. Although there are thousands of instruments to invest in the world, but fixed deposits are instruments for investing in middle class family work and they have only this for their emergencies. Every activity that takes place in the country has the most impact on the medium.
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    In India, middle class has been the most important group as more and more people are entering this segment. As per one project study done by the economists of Mumbai University about 40-50% of India's population is middle class. The range of middle class is quite wide and people spending approximately Rs 4000 to 25000 per month can be included in this. Below that poor class is there and above that rich class starts. Every politician would be alert and cautious about this fact that middle class has a major role in voting in or voting out a particular person. Interestingly, middle class is a chunk from where a good tax collection can be made and at the same time Govt can also think of giving the lower part of this class some concessions. So from that point of view middle class can be further divided in three groups like lower middle class, main middle class, and upper middle class. Lower middle class is basically the poor cousin of the poor class and upper middle class sometimes touches the rich class shoulder to shoulder. The main sufferer because of Govt policies of enhancing taxes and cutting on bank rates is the main middle class. With the present population growth rates the number of middle class in India are going to increase significantly. So, their importance would also be there.
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    A poor man had no necessity of paying tax. A rich man knows how to avoid paying tax and he can safely avoid paying tax. But the salaried class which constitutes mainly the middle class has no way to avoid tax and that money is only the income for the government. If there is no middle material between two pieces we can't call it a sandwich. There should be a material which will get sandwiched between two so that the item will taste good, The persons who eat the sandwich will enjoy the taste but the problems of the sandwiched material is not known to others.
    In society, poor people will have the sympathy of the government and the government will give them free materials and benefits. The rich will have a good amount of money and they can enjoy their life. But only the middle-class people will not have any support from the government or they can't have the support of rich people also. A middle-class person only will know the problems of another middle-class person.

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    Middle class is always like that. They are the important constituents of the society but they take the brunt of all policies and regulations as they generally honour and respect those things. It is said that a society is known by its middle class gentry as they are the carriers of its culture and heritage. Poor are always busy in earning their bread and butter and rich do not care for anyone but it is the middle class which is concerned for everything.
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