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    Choose your outlook, choose your destiny

    We live a life where we cannot predict or see the future and that is the beauty of this life. When we have no idea of the future, we work with more hope and enthusiasm so that the future becomes safe and secure.
    Everyday we face new challenges and situations that tests us. Also we learn a lot of new things on daily basis. Now, how we face these challenges can make us or break us. Here the outlook of a person comes into play.

    When we look for solutions to the challenges, we feel positive and when we look for problems we feel negative. I can do this, is a positive outlook and I can't do this is a negative one.

    Always choose your outlook to be positive no matter what the challenge is. Choose your outlook and carve your destiny.
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    We are not sure of tomorrow. But we plan for our retired life also. We fix the alarm for the morning call even though we are not sure we will be alive tomorrow. That is the hope. If there is no hope, nobody will go for any action. We hope we will pass the examination and to achieve it we will plan and work.
    We should always plan to work with the hope that we will be successful. If you feel that you will not be successful, you can't work with your full energy on that task. It will be a half-hearted attempt only. That should not be the case. Positivity is one topic which we discussed many times on this platform.
    Be positive always. You might not have won this time, next time you may be the first. Keep this positivity always in mind and that will work for you.
    But being positive alone is not sufficient, you should focus on the goal and work hard to achieve the same. Then only you can be the winner.

    always confident

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    We are leading our lives in an unpredictable situation since after retirement, we don't have much assignments and if we want to remain engaged. There are different means and resorting to these techniques can make our lives meaningful. We need to guide the kids preparing for their Board Examination and see how we can be helpful in guiding the different subjects. If our guidance in English and Mathematics could develop their passions on these subjects, our efforts are suitably rewarded. Even we have then a routines life and we will discover many interesting phase in course of guidance. Even such basics can be understood clearly clearly with our independent venture. Hence sincerity shown in learning any subject could be benificial to both the kids and the man interested for creating interest within the mind frame of the concerned kid.

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    True, our outlook plays an important role in our future, sometimes struggle is necessary in our life, in fact sometimes struggle is very important thing in our life, it is the thing that we really need. If we all without any struggle If we start getting anything without efforts, we too will become like a cripple. Without hard work and struggle, we can never become as strong as we are. So look at the difficult moments in life from a positive perspective, you will learn something that will make the flight of your life possible. It is absolutely necessary for you to change your lifestyle for positive thinking. If you make a positive change in your life every day, you will no doubt think well and do good. If we go on determined that whatever we think today, think with a positive outlook, then our day will surely go well.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    #709315 Agreed that positive attitude is discussed on this platform many times but shouldn't it be a constant thing in our lives. Like we never forget to eat out food, similarly we should never become negative and always remain positive.
    Work should not be hard, it should be enjoyable. If one enjoys his/her work, then there is nothing called hard work.

    Live before you leave.

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    #709335 You are very correct that after retirement we have to choose something more engaging and the best way is to guide and teach grandchildren and kids. There is no substitute to experience and kids who have guidance of their grandparents tend to be more balanced and mature.
    Live before you leave.

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    The gist of author's perception is to be positive in our approach and that leads to confidence and that paves the way for striking the right chord of success. When we want to start a work, certainly we would ask suggestions and tips from others and all are not our well wishers from heart and therefore some may give us good feed and some may distract us by negative thoughts but we must have the guts and courage to gauge what is positive and what is negative suggestions given. We need not show our unwilling attitude on the face of the person, and when we discard the suggestion and tips , that shows our positiveness to the approach.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    #709344 Yes, struggles and hard times taech us life long lessons. Staying strong and positive during that period makes us endure the same and it is not possible without a positive outlook.
    Live before you leave.

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