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    What you do not like to hear, you should not even say to others.

    A person thinks less while speaking, but many people are there who thoughtfully starts speaking,but many times those people also speak a lot in a long discussion without thinking and later regret that it was not to be said. Humans cannot always remember what to say or not, but it is easy to be kept that what we may not like to hear for ourselves, we should not say to others. It is very simple calculation which may avoid many unnecessarily arguments but less people want to follow it.
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    We should not treat the other people in the way we don't want to be treated by others. We should respect others feelings and we should try to use soft words as much as possible. A slip of the tongue can create many problems in our life. When we call somebody a joker, we should be ready to hear the same about us.
    But we see many times, some people who are in powerful position use a very bad language while talking to others. They feel they are very great and special. But if the other person uses the same language at you, what will be your value. This is to be thought before we use some words.
    We should mind our words always. But sometimes we get emotional and forget the decency and use bad words. That will have a lot of impact. After some time when we think we may feel that we might not have used those words. But it is too late and already the damaged is done.

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    It depends on what you say. If it is inappropriate terms that people use on others then one must think twice before using such words. If it is something that makes you emotional, then you need to tell others to get some relief. For example, you do not like to hear your near and dear ones suffering and somehow got to know that one of your relatives staying at a distant place is suffering because of flood or drought or for some other related issues. Won't you tell this to others and arrange relief for that person? You may not like certain information but in this case, sharing this with others will be for some good.

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    It is a good thought from the author that we should think twice before we speak and never speak a thing which we cannot tolerate for ourselves. Many problems in this world can be resolved if all of us think in these proper ways and our lives would become so simple and calm. It is always good to keep ourselves in the other's shoe before we tell something hurting or offensive to them.
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    Very interesting observation made by the author. It is very true that before telling anything we should weigh it and assess how would we feel if someone tells us same thing. I remember there is a saying that weigh your tongue before you speak. But doing this requires a lot of maturity and one has to practice this and learn this trait while talking to others in society. Many problems in our lives would be resolved if we follow this.
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    This is very interesting thought provoking sharing done by the author. When we are not able to digest what others say against us, we are also not authorized to say what others wont like. Elders used to say that our tongue is always in the wet stage and is being tempted to say bad about others even when they are right. That is the reason being so we have bee taught to keep our tongue very controlled. Sometimes we have been induced by others to say something wrong about common friend or relative and that is nothing but cornering you for no reason and we should be alert enough in that situation. And some have the habit of giving free advise out of love and affection and even abuse us as they have much right on us. We should not mind such people who are more concerned about us and yet abuse us for our goodness.
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