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    Singing past glories would not help!

    Life is a long journey and many people get achievements early while some would be trying and waiting for the good times to come. Those who get the fruits of their hard labour in time become confident that they can do it and sometimes in that confidence stop doing further efforts and want to just survive on the past glories. They forget that life is not a simple thing like that. Here each day is counted and one would be asked as what he had done that day. Past successes and achievements cannot vouch for future idleness. The day one stops working or doing efforts, that is the beginning of the deterioration. No one would listen to what we did earlier and how many accolades we had received in past. No one likes history to be narrated to them. What matters is only what is our contribution and hard work today and only that is acknowledged by the society where we live. So singing past glories would not help. Members may like to give their views on it.
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    Singing past glories may not work, but singing the past worries would help others to some extent. A rich man becomes a beggar and sings his past glories. It can do nothing, but people would pity him. Look at a beggar becoming rich and sings about his worried days. This would be an encouragement for others to rise in their life like the beggar.
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    When we apply for a new job, we will apply with our resume, in which we will tell about our earlier experience, what are the awards we got and what are the achievements etc. This will be good for you to get your name shortlisted for the interview. Again in the interview, your presentation and the subject knowledge you exhibit in the interview will help you in getting selected. But after that going on telling what you have achieved will not have any value. You have to achieve something in the new position and then show it to them. Then only you will be attaining the importance. They may respect your age and experience but the weight will come only with your new achievements here and no use of talking about old glories.
    Living in the fast will not fetch you food for today. You have to earn for your food. One should continue the good work and get fame. Then the present will have a gold lining on your earlier silver coating. But your fail in the assignment on hand and tell the other how you did wonders earlier is of no use. You will become a laughing stock in the thoughts of other persons

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    Singing past glories is important and it has to be re-winded again and again so that it becomes a booster for our future growth. We cannot digest the bad moments of the past but only learn lessons from the failures but when we have achieved some success and that was sustaining with us for long time. then celebrating the moment again and again would give us new pep to rewind the abilities and cult figure in us so that even in future the challenges can be met with same guts and success. People may feel that we are keeping on singing the past glory because, none of them as achieved that level of success and there is every reason to say the past we have gone through the ordeal of achieving the great success against all odds and we are now in position to explain to others as how to go about and achieve the same degree of success.
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    In many cases both aspects are involved, it is also the same if a person is telling about his past successes or glories because one has a experiences which may work for its own new work or to give advice to someone, then it can be considered right. But when a person, after attaining some success or heights, starts to think of himself as superior and keeps singing about his past glory in front of everyone all the time, then it is wrong to do that. We are truly what we are today Instead of singing glories of the past or dreams of the future, it would be better to make your best today than always praising yourself to others.
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    Singing past glories sound good to own ears, for the time being to others' ears also but if you are in a job then your present performance will be given preference over anything else. On the other hand, if you are sharing your previous achievements with others it will be a moment to cherish for you and the listeners may also praise you for those achievements. We remember a person whose performance is consistent. Think of any game and the famous players. Their fame is because of their consistency during the period they played the game and not for scoring big in one or two occasions. The same is applicable to any profession. If somebody performs very well, the expectation from that person increases a lot and everyone things that the next time the performance maybe even better. If there is consistency in the performance the person will make a place for herself/himself and if it is not there then others will take that place.

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    Many people are of the opinion that singing the past glories before the Boss would be a way to impress him and probably with such an act the Boss would not offer him any tough job. This formula may work for the time being because of lenient nature of the Head but once the situation changes, it would be difficult to pull on such eye wash activities for long.
    We are always tempted to learn new assignments and doing the same with perfection is our next attempt so as to remain in the good books of the boss. But there may be a few people of singing their past glories very often before the colleagues thus spoiling the working environment.

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    Each moment is unique and an outcome of sum totals of actions performed previously. We need to act in every given moment that is work hard in each given moment no matter what our past was. Even if in the past few sucesses were garnered. This dose'nt mean that life has been won. The true warrior fights into death, that is an honedt person must work and practice preservence until the very end.

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    I fully agree that no one in this world would give us credit for what we did some time ago. Whether it is some household work or some task in the workplace what the organisation requires is present contribution. Being a housewife if I say that yesterday I had prepared good food and today I might not do that and let us bring food from outside then I doubt if all the family members would agree for that.
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    Present situation is the outcome of past deeds but the future is dependent upon our present deeds. So singing past glories can only give satisfaction to a hollow person who has stopped working in present and expect others to respect him/her for the things he has done in the past.
    To cite the past achievement is helpful to know that you are capable but to be singing about it means you have lost your rhythm.
    Be in the present and be better than your past fora better future.

    Live before you leave.

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