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    Artificial Intelligence (AI) has achieved the capacity to imitate the brain of mice - SpinNaker

    AI is advancing at a rapid pace and this race to achieve neural funtionality of brain has to some extent been realized. I recently read a journal where details of an Artificial Intelligence advancement has reached apeak and achieved a milestone to emulate the functions of mice and even surpass it.

    The AI machine is called SpiNNaker, a supercomputer which took 20 years to develop and the term SpiNNAker is short form of Spiking Neural Network Architecture. This machine is built in Univeristy of Manchester, UK.

    Tech and IT students must be already knowing about it and if not, then find out more and share your knowledge with us.
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    Artificial intelligence is the field that is growing faster these days. We have been seeing the usage of robots in many areas of work. It may be a good aspect but is it going to increase the already existing unemployment problem is the question that will keep coming to our minds. Especially many unskilled works are being done by Robots.
    We have an Alexa in our house. It will be an alarm and it will remind us of the works to be completed and even it will be useful to switch off on switch on the lights.
    The Mayflower Autonomous Ship( MAS}, will start its journey from Plymouth( UK) in September 2020. It will be a manless ship and the route it travels will be the same route in which a pilgrim ship which brought European settlers to the USA, 400 years back. IBM is providing artificial intelligence systems for the ship. The success of this experiment will become a big way forward for the development of AI in various areas. Let us hope that the mission will be successful and we may see a big leap in the progress of AI.

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    When super human beings are at work, there would be more finding of things through artificial Intelligence and the world is now surging forward with modern science finding many things for the mankind to be superior and much better than other living things in the world. The post takes me to the movie of Rajnikanth Rabot in which a machine plays the role of a person and do everything perfectly provided the command is given correctly. A machine cannot understand the ordinary language what we speak and we have to give specific command so that the Robot or the machine performance well. Here the Artificial Intelligence plays the greater role. A machine cannot perform anything on its own, unless and until we give the feed in right path to work. That is what shown in the film as wrong commands makes the issue much murkier.
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    It is a good information shared by the author. AI is advancing rapidly now with the research and new ideas being gathered by the scientists and the technical people in this niche area. It is said that future would be governed by AI and we would all be under a computer controlled surveillance system and each person would be identifiable with his or her coordinates wherever he is present on Earth. There is a great scope in using AI technology in each and every sphere of our lives and I am looking to its application in crime control and detection methodologies by remote surveillance to safeguard the society from the evil elements hovering here and there in search of the simple and gullible preys.
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    AI is progressing in a phenomenal way and this journey is going to quite far a destination. Interesting thing is that it is going to be everywhere in our lives. A few days back one of my relatives informed me that they have bought a robotic broom for cleaning the room floors and there is an alarm setting and that wakes up on that time and then goes and cleans every nook and corner of the room everyday and then goes back to its deck and gets connected to the charging of its battery. It seems that it has some sensors to do all such unbelievable things. It is a flat disc type of gadget and can go below a big cot also and cleans there which is generally inaccessible to us. So, all this is now showing us a peep in the future world where AI would be everywhere. Let us hope it progresses well.
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    That was a bit dated sir. The recent advance is they've strapped a neural device to a piggy's ear. So they could take its neural correlates. Next we might even have humans with brain implants. This is one of the most amazing and phenomenal areas of research in 21st century. We might even get robotic friends and robotic clones talk about platonic relationships. The pioneers in this field is Tata and Tesla. Elon is hell bent on bringing terminators to Earth before he moves over into another dimension. This field's potential is huge but also it has some implications on our society. What will happen when everything becomes so automated. Where would all the jobs go. What will people do for a living etc. As previously said. too much of something is bot good for health, so is the case with society. We must use these technologies ethically and morally and desist from misusing them.

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