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    Paper world is being replaced by the digital world

    Now, we are living in a digital age. When we wake up early in the morning then search our mobile for reading the daily news. Nowadays, this trend has increased due to the corona virus. Many people have stopped to take a daily newspaper as it is believed corona virus may spread through it. We are using mobile and internet for every purpose such as reading books, shopping, banking, office work etc.
    In 1975, Business week predicted paper would be dead by 1990 as computer arrives in the market world. There have been many more reasons to be away from a paper based system. The digital world has been more effective than the paper world. It has made our lives easier. Any work gets done in a short span of time. It improves the working condition as well as productivity. Moreover, digital knowledge increases the chances of employability.

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    My entry for this TOW is also on the same theme. I submitted the same yesterday. I agree with the author that slowly the paper in the world is getting replaced by digital tools. But it may not be possible in the near future to have a paperless world. We may reduce consuming paper and store data digitally. But the gadgets in which we can store the data is not available with many in our country. This we will see more in villages.
    Many new digital technologies are coming and many people are using these technologies and hence the paper consumption may come down. Many are trying to manage without using a paper. This is a good step towards environmental protection.

    always confident

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    It is true that nowadays in the era of social media and electronic media, together all the people are getting more and more connected with the news in mobile form. But one who is comfortable reading the paper with a hand in the paper and sitting in the balcony that does not get in electronic news paper. Due to corona pandemic many people stopped to buy papers still all are waiting for the time when this pandemic would be out from our life and then they will start buy their favorite news paper and spend 1 hour with it for the time being electronic media is safe option.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    There has been try and even following of paperless regime. but unfortunately paper has been our part of life right from the childhood to the end of life and we cannot get rid of the same. The banks want to get rid of dispensing ATM cash withdraw receipts with message of account balance on the screen. But when we want a consolidated account transaction for one purpose of the other, we have to go to the bank obtain the same on the paper sheet. Now there has been hue and cry to ban the plastic materials and covers and the Kirana shop needs to handle the petty purchases with the papers only. Gone are the days when the materials are packed with cone shaped paper tied with thread all over at Kirana purchases. It seems same kind of demand would come now again. So there is no end game for the paper as per my knowledge.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    It is very true that slowly we are moving towards a paperless regime and this is going to be very beneficial to the society in many respect. I remember earlier we used to get our IT refund or assessment after a long time and sometimes we did not get it even after reminding the authorities. The digitisation and online working of the IT department has brought a paradigm shift in this area and within a month people are getting refunds etc.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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