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    History of paper motivates us to conserve the nature

    Paper or items comprising of paper that is note books, books, magazines etc are such a common item in our household or offices or schools that we cannot imagine how the people were managing before the invention of the paper or today how we are going to manage if there is no paper. Though slowly and slowly the whole world is going towards paperless regime but paper has still got its importance in various ways in our lives. It is being used in variety of ways. It would be interesting to know the journey of this paper since its invention.

    The history of paper is very interesting and intriguing. The credit of first man made paper, made 2000 years back, goes to the craftsmanship of a Chinese person Ts'ai Lun who mashed the bark of a tree, hemp, rags, and water together and pressed it to make a thin sheet by squeezing the water out and then drying it in the sun. Before that, in China itself, some cloth was used for writing some matter or making drawing etc on it. The Muslim invaders who came from Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq regions and invaded China, learned these secrets when they took control of a Chinese paper mill. This knowledge was then transferred to European countries and soon there were many paper mills in Europe. The first mill in Europe was of course built in Spain. Paper became so popular that a large number of books and also religious books were published in succession and it became the media of the masses during those times. England saw the opportunity in paper business and started producing it in large quantity and was able to ship them to its colonies world wide. In the end of 17th century America also adopted this technology to make paper.

    Subsequently, trees became the main source of raw material for making paper and the practice is still continuing. Of course today we are making a large amount of paper by recycling also which is a good measure to use the old and used paper as well as help to keep the environment clean. There is no estimate as how much natural resources have gone in making the paper from the trees during the last 2000 years but we must appreciate that nature had been kind enough to us for providing an unending supply of these trees for such an important item. Being the person benefited by the nature so much it is our duty to support and participate actively in the plantation drives and other such conservation activities which keep our habitat rich and vibrant with the natural resources. Today while going through the history of paper let us take a vow to contribute our bit towards nature conservation.

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    The author has given the history of paper nicely. Yes. Paper requires wood. So many trees were gone and even today some are going as the recycling of waste paper available alone will not be sufficient for the production of paper. So we use natural resources for making the paper. There are two ways. Plant trees so that whatever trees are going away will be planted again. Otherway is to reduce the usage of paper as much as possible and go digital. That is also will save nature.
    Nature is very kind to us and we should not make it annoyed. Then only nature will continue its good work and continue to help us. Otherwise, we will see many COVID 19s and we will be taught a lesson by nature. Save trees and they will save you. Never abuse the environment and try to protect it and lead a happy life on this mother earth.

    always confident

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    Paper is still an important thing in our lives. Though I am having a smartphone every time with me but when it comes to make a list of items to be brought from market I usually search for a paper and pen. So, I do not think that paper is going to be out of use so early. As regards the paying back to nature, yes it is our prime duty to plant trees more than we destroy them and do our bit for the nature conservation in whatever way we can.
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    Author has given a clarion call through this write up that dependent on the paper should be reduced gradually to nil to conserve the nature from which the paper has to be made.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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