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    Proud moment for India as Dr Kanak Saha found farthest star galaxy

    When things are moving slow in life post covid 19 relaxation, our finding and exploring more about space and stars has not stopped. Dr Kanak Saha of Pune Center of Astronomy has found the farthest star galaxy called AUDFso1 through our Astro Sat and the new star galaxy is at 9.3 billion light years away from the earth. We could not have known this find thanks to NASA which congratulated him for this great achievement. Science is the ocean and every Indian scientist are also capable of creating greater strides and the world appreciates it for mankind.
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    We should all congratulate Dr Kanak Saha of Pune Center of Astronomy for his excellent work. Unfortunately, there is no much place for this news in our newspapers or media. I think for them it is not a big issue and may not be helpful for them in improving their ratings. That is why people say that the valuation will be accurate if a competent person does it. NASA understood the invention well and congratulated the Scientist. Thanks to the author for bringing a good piece of information.
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    True, it is a very proud moment for us, for the work for which Kanak Saha has also been congratulated by the NASA team, for that she did not get as much importance or responses in the country as it should have been given, now that all have focus on the war of Corona But we should not ignore such huge contributions which are going to bring a new turn in our space science in future.
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    This is a very important achievement for all of us. Dr Saha's work has proved that we too can achieve amazing milestones, albeit if we have great determination and a willingness to work. Congrats to the scientist and team for the hardwork and dedication despite the circumstances of the pandemic chaos tjat surround and haunt us everyday.

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    While I appreciate the efforts put in by the scientist to find a star many billion miles away from us, what is the use of that star for us? Like the Sun or Moon, will it benefit mankind in any way? Let the scientist find something that is useful to mankind.
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    To understand the age of the universe and other such inquisitions there is always a research going in the Astronomy to find the distant most star or galaxy to revise the size of the known universe as well as calculate the time of big bang if anything such happened billions of years ago. While reading some amateur Astronomy articles I found that with the newer methods of detection and powerful telescopes these findings are being made by the astrophysicists who are engaged in this continuous research. So, this achievement of our scientist is definitely a matter of praise and we feel pride in it.
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