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    Which form of paper is your favourite?

    Although we are moving forward towards the digital world slowly we are still using papers in different forms. We use newspaper early in the morning, then books and notebooks in academic institutes, and then lots of files in offices. We also use papers as note pads, currency notes, tissue papers, and many more. The paper has occupied such a vast space in our lives that we cannot even imagine our day completely without paper.
    Among all these types of papers, my favourite one is a beautiful letter pad's paper. During my hostel days, I used to keep a big collection of beautiful letter pads with different flowers, teddy bears, etc printed on them. I still have some of them with me. Earlier I used to write letters to my parents using letter pads. My letters were quite decorated with different inks and smiley on them. But now I use them for writing poems, quotes, etc.

    What type of paper do you like the most? You can also share some special memories associated with papers.

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    My appreciation to the author for thinking differently and giving the right place to the paper that exists with our life throughout though efforts are made to go paperless. For me the visiting card makes interesting. There are so many types of visiting cards, business cards and even cards for affixing on the gift covers. Coming to the company visiting cards, some of the top executives have the embossing letters on them so that a person can hold and feel the name of the person by touching it. Thought the cards are kept for reference and remembrance, but people do spend huge on this as a craze. The colorful visiting cards are the face of the company when visited on calls to other companies. Especially marketing persons keep attractive cards as their business reference card so that the customers would remember them for ever.
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    I also have a fancy for letterheads. I collect letterheads of different companies and keep them with me. I will be making some changes whenever I make a new letterhead for myself. We can create our letterheads on a computer also and can use them for sending emails.
    A white paper without any dark spots without any dots or marks will look beautiful and we don't feel like writing on the paper as the beauty of the paper and the originality of the paper will go.
    I think many people will like currency papers as they will be very useful for them in their lives, They require them for realising their wishes. But these days we don't want these papers also as we have digital banking ways. Many people will have a fancy to keep bundles of new currency notes without having any folding or marks. I used to keep two bundles of brand new one rupee notes. But we have used them during our trip to Chardham two years before.

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    Mohan sir, your views on Visiting card reminded me of the memories of my first visiting card after getting my first job. I felt like being on the 9th cloud when I gave my visiting card to my father. Yeah, visiting cards play an important role for professionals to convey what they are doing in their firm.

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    The first page of an exercise book or a notepad is something that attracts me very much. Maybe that white paper compels me to write something on it. I do not know why I always prefer to write my name on the very first page after getting such things. I always think that the first page belongs to the person who uses the notebook and she/he should mention at least the name on that page as a mark of identity.

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    My fancy is for small note pads or slip pads which I could keep in my pocket or wallet. They are so useful still today, that I keep them with me whenever I go out of the town for a few days. Long back, when there was no mobile phone and other such gadgets, that was the prized possession in my pocket and if someone gave me an address or some other information then I immediately noted down it in it and after a week or so just went through it and copied in my diary or main notebook in the house. I never believed in my memory for small things and always noted in that and it helped me to a great extent and still helping. Now it is helping me more as with my ageing my memory is really going weak and if I do not make a note of things it is not possible for me to keep a track of something important or something to be attended.
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