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    Should the right age of marriage for women be 21?

    Should we have the marriage age of women be raised to 21?
    Presently a woman can get married only after the age of 18. Recently, our Prime Minister has announced that the government would take a decision to raise the age of women to 21 for marriage.
    Let us discuss.
    1. Should the marriage age of women be raised from 18 to 21?
    2. What would be the advantage and disadvantages?
    3. Who would benefit from this change? Parents or the boy or the girl.

    A serious discussion is requested.
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    Yes,It is very important that the marriage age of girls should be raised to 21, not only the girl or her husband is benefited but both the family and the upcoming generation will also be happy. With aging, the girl will have time to complete her studies. Usually, girls will be a graduate for 21 years, then there will be opportunities to work. She will be educated and healthy . On the other hand, from the health perspective of girls, experts says, "The benefit of increasing the age of marriage of a girl will also reduce infant morality rate as many times younger girls are not able to birth healthy children and hence our infant mortality is high, some times a child is not born so strong with immature body. So there is one aspect of the health of the natural child that it does not remain healthy , a healthy mother can birth a healthy baby. I do not feel there would be any disadvantages after girls marriage age raised to 21.
    Swati Sharma

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    With the changing attitude of gender equality and insecurity, I strongly believe that girls should get married at 18 to be with their husbands as security. According to my experience and understanding, it is not wise to specify any age for marriage by the government. Leave it to the parents and the individual to choose their age for marriage. There shouldn't be any condition for marriage. What is important is the girl should be physically fit and perfect for the marital life.

    I strongly recommend no age raise to 21. Let it be 18 only.

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    Yes, the age for marriage is a very critical aspect affecting many things in life including the future of the couple, the health of the bride, health of the future kids and lastly the environment of the house. During the earlier time, the girls were not much in studies and jobs but now the scenario has changed and girls also demand time to make their career and become independent. The minimum age of 21 years is also less for marriage in such cases but at least minimum can be legalized as the maximum varies on the basis of individual choice.

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    Sir, I understand your point of view but if it is leave to the parents when and in which age the daughter is to be married, it would not be very appropriate, because even today there are many conservative families in our country for whom the girl is a burden and by marrying her early they will simply want to get rid off by their responsibility. Apart from this, many girls are not aware of their rights that they can not take a stand for themselves. Just being physically fit is not only necessity for a happy married life, it is also necessary to mental development and proper studies before marriage, and for this 21 age would be better for girls.
    Swati Sharma

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    Now the question would be - Should we raise the age of the boy for the by three years from 21 to 24? Or it would remain the same and equal with the girl? Age should not be a bar for any marriage. If both the boy and girl agree for their marriage, we should let them marry. It is the love that makes them bond. Marriage is an individual's choice. The families are the best judges to select the date for the marriage of their ward. There should not be any interference by the government. There should be only the minimum age. That is the time when they attain puberty.
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    The minimum age of marriage for a girl can be 18 years. There is no necessity of changing it. Once the girl turns 18 years, she will become a major and she can fight out if anything is going against her will. If she wants to wait for another two years or three years for marriage after attaining 18 years she can wait. Nobody can go against her will. But before 18 years she may not have that maturity. That is why I think it is decided 18 years as the minimum.
    These days girls are also competing in all the fields with gents and they have a very clear vision of their life. They are expressing their wishes to their parents. That is good and we should respect their feelings and parents should not force them for early marriage. They can explain the issues very clearly but the final decision should be left to them.

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    This ix a very sensitive matter and best left to the individual and his/her family. However as regards to health and physical wellbeing we marry to procreate and sustain ourselves and in this matter we must take the guidance of medical science and biology. The age at which a boy and girl become not just physically mature to handle a family but also mentally or financially secure to handle all responsibilities that are associated with enjoying a well nourished family life should be the minimum age of both girl and boy at which they can decide to marry. The age here is decided by nature not us, we merely follow the light. Once they're mature they can start a family or go about in there own ways. The travellers are many but the seer is one. Anything else is sheer blasphemy.

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    Unlike the olden days when we had very limited knowledge and nonavailability of things to learn and get matured, these days, the availability of media like television, internet etc. people get matured quite early than the age limits prescribed for a boy and a girl as 21 and 18 respectively. As the time of getting matured is early, there is no fun in increasing the age limit for marriage from 18 to 21.
    In the earlier days, a girl would attain puberty at the age of 16 and beyond. Whereas now, girls attain puberty at the age of 11 and beyond. When compared with the girls of 20 of the past era, present days 16 are well matured in all aspects of life. Can anyone deny this? Look at the reality shows to know how young girls perform at their tender age like a matured woman.

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    I am of the strong opinion that the girl should complete the age of 21 to get married because by that time she would understand the world fully and also tries to be surviving on her own with good education and employment, Normally by eighteen or nineteen years a girl settles in her career to start earning something. If the girl is given two years lead time, she can earn some money for her marriage and savings and thus when she goes to the the in laws house who does not want her to work, at least some money would be in her account to use for personal things instead of asking from the husband. And at 23 or 24 the boy would also be in a self reliant position and that would give him the courage and comfort to lead the new married life without any financial trouble. The three years extension from 18 to 21 for the girl marriage is most welcome.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Nowadays people are attaining an age of 27 to 30 in making their career itself and then only they are ready for going for marriage. This is now becoming a general trend and most of the marriage are taking place in the band of 25-32 years. From that perspective it makes sense to increase the present legal age from 18 to upwards in case of the girls and same should be applied to boys also. Why we should make a distinction. It was only a tradition that girls should be 4-5 years younger than the boys. Let us break that tradition as it does not have any basis behind that.
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    In this present world where safety and security of women is in question, It would be ideal for the girls to get married soon and get protected by her husband. A husband will be the better choice for a girl than her parents. Therefore, it will be wise if we can have the girls married as soon as possible to get settled with their in their in-laws.

    The current age of 18 is fit and perfect for a girl to get married. No change is warranted. There will be no change in the attitude of the people even if we raise it to 21. Let us leave to the parents and the girls to decide their age for marriage, not to the government that cannot help a girl when some injustice is done to them.

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