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    Give and take policy may not be the best always

    We hear many times that give and take policy is the best always. Give respect and take respect. When you want something from someone, you should be ready to give something to the other person. When we take so many resources from nature we should give something back to nature. It holds good in many places.

    But recently I have seen a new concept. When people work for their PhD, they have to make a thesis and submit to the university and the university will send for adjudication to some professors from other universities. In this also they use the give and take policy. A professor will send his candidate's thesis to a professor whom he knows well and the other professor will send his candidate's thesis to this professor. Both of them approve the thesis they received. Some universities send the thesis to a foreign university also where this give and take policy will not work.

    There may be many other areas also where this give and take policy will have some adverse effects. I solicit the opinions of learned members on this.
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    Very interesting post. I would say that give and take works well where the quality is maintained. But if someone says that I recruited your son in my company and now you take him in your company does not sound logical if the son is not deserving. The example of PhD thesis given by the author is an eye opener that just because you approved the thesis of my candidate I would do the same for you. It is ridiculous.
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    The author has come up with an interesting topic and has given a fine example where give and take policy does not work. Those who are trying to make it work are doing very wrong on their parts. Even in daily life, give and take policy does not work. Yet, we forcibly try to incorporate it everywhere. For example, if someone yells at us or shows temper, we try to replicate the behaviour. We feel that it is appropriate, and if we do not raise our voice and do not follow tit for tat policy, we will be considered as weak. When we try to copy others and try to hurt others as they tried to do the same to us, we will be losing our originality. Soon, we will lose our goodness.

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