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    Our existence is on paper only, officially

    Have you ever seen a dead man walking? I know it sounds crazy but that happens at times, though not so frequently. Often it is reported that people in a village got frightened after finding out the person alive who was declared dead officially. Yes, the person is mentioned dead on paper, maybe due to a gross mistake, but actually, he is alive. Think of the reaction of people, they believe only what is on paper. When a person is born, a paper named Birth Certificate has to be obtained and when a person is gone forever then also the Death Certificate is issued to prove the person is dead. Nobody is going to believe your words if you cannot produce the correct papers. To prove your existence, many times you need to carry the papers along with you. If you say you are Mr Xy Z to an unknown person you need to prove that by producing a paper. If you tell that you stay at Beautiful Apartment at Lane 0 then also you need to produce your address proof which is nothing but a piece of paper. If anybody is residing at Beautiful Apartment at Lane 0, don't think I tried to mention you, it's just a coincidence. That doesn't end here, if your name or any other particulars is wrongly mentioned then you may imagine how pleasant the experience is to correct things on paper. If you go for an interview, they will not offer you the job without the paper mentioning your qualifications. So, keep your papers ready at the right place because you do not know when you need to show the papers to prove that you are just you.

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    This is a very bitter truth, not just about society but also our system. For everything we need proof, it is true proof us important as it validates our presence or contribution to a particular area in the system. Yet even this process can be misused by the people or by goons and thugs, especially politicians. Land grabbing etc happens not just in our country but elsewhere too. This is totally unjustified as the commoner's right is being exploited. We need to create better consensus not just on paper but also in practice in real life. Only by doing this can our society negate such social evils. Thus I agree that paper is important as the beautiful article beautifully elucidates. But it is also important that this simple tool is not misused to create mischief in society in the guise or pretence if doing goodness.

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    The author has touched a very meaningful and yet strange happenings around us because the proper verification is not done and something done on haste would turn to be nasty thing. Many a time we learned that a live person is declared dead and even taken to the grave yard and found that there is still chance to survive, but the people does not believe and go to the extent of make him dead. And what the author said is true. Our existence need to be documented and at every point of our entry to any scheme or the program, we have been asked to prove the authenticity and that is only available on paper. Even our face is not seen to recognize but the document what we produce is enough to prove what we are. But even in document some gullible people are making it duplicate and escaping from the punishment later.
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    No doubt our documents are the most important things in our lives and if we go for anything anywhere we are asked to show our credentials. Today one can show the things in ones mobile also but the authorities would insist for the paper also as our rules and regulations and legal system is not aligned fully to the online scenario. The author has given a good alert and caution to all of us that if we go for some interview or document verification or even to a Govt office for some work then invariably we should be ready with our papers to present them whenever same are asked by the authorities.
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