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    For success, write down your goals on a piece of paper

    When it comes to finding out which is mightier, some say it's the sword and some say it's the pen. I would rather say, for personal ambitions and goals, it is the paper, which is mightier. We have often heard wise men and women say, if we desire success in life, we need to write down our goals. But, where to write? Scrap books or diaries? No, definitely not. Instead, a small piece of paper is going to do the trick for you. Yes, write your goal on a piece of paper (especially true for long-term goals) and stick it to your laptop, computer, TV, bedroom door or even the washroom door. They say writing down your goals on a paper and placing it at a convenient place where it always catches your attention is the best way to accomplish your goals. Until and unless you jot them down and get to see them on a regular basis, you are likely to neglect and forget your goals. Most successful people and even some smart students use this technique to achieve success in their respective domain.

    Why to speak of others, at times, I myself use this technique to achieve my goals, especially the short-term ones. One more thing about writing goals is that you need to quantify them. Quantifying leads to greater success. Better still, if you can break them into smaller targets. When done with the writing, stick the paper at a place where it catches your attention day in and day out. By quantifying, I mean, giving a certain quantity or number to your goal. For example, in the recently held article contest, I used this very technique. Since it was a short-term target, I quantified my goal, wrote it on a plain sheet of paper and pasted it to my bedroom door. I had started late, still set a target of 20 articles. Could however, manage only 11. Even that was possible due to the fact that I had written down my goal on a paper, gave a number to it, broken it down to a day wise target and then pasted it at a place, where it constantly spurred me to get going with the task at hand. So, in case you desire of greater success in life, get going with writing down your goals on a piece of paper.

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    Goals should be such that we will never forget them. Our long term goals should get printed on our mind itself and our mind should be working always in that regard. To attain our goals we have to take certain steps. For this, a plan is required. That plan should be written down and we should have a target date for each action.
    This habit of writing down and having a planned time-bound program is the essence of success. I used to maintain a book for my long time goals and I used to write actions to be taken today or tomorrow on a piece of paper and I used to keep that paper under the glass of my working table. When I sit in my chair, this paper will be appearing and I will not be missing the points. This practice helped me a lot.
    But the important issue here is writing down in a book or paper is good as long as we remember to see them once in a while. Otherwise, it is of no use. Nowadays we see many digital solutions for remembering the issues and getting the alarm. These papers are getting replaced with electronic gadgets.

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    I don't think that a paper is required when we have modern gadgets to write, file and save. It remains there forever. We can also copy it and have it in our pen drives. We can create a page write our goals in a separate document available in Microsoft's word office. With a simple click, we can view it whenever we want to have a look at our goals.

    While we are supporting less paperwork, why should we waste a paper page to record our goals? And as suggested by you, if we use a piece (piece) of paper, the chances of losing it is bright.

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    If our target is straight and meaningful to achieve and if we already made our minds to reach the goal, then we need not remind ourselves about the impending task and we are on the way to success. By writing on a piece of paper, we are degrading our own remembrance power and undermining it. We should not be such lethargic people to remind ourselves about the important task and we have that much mind and remembering capacity to recall what was thought and promised earlier. Our tasks and goals are already decided and we are working towards the same and hence we need not remind ourselves time and again. However what I suggest that we should maintain a personal diary through which the daily happenings must be jotted down so as to take remedial action if any of the issues or the matter was totally forgotten,
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    It is said that when we write something, it stays in mind better, many people have also heard that if a person want to develop itself, then it is a good option to write its shortcomings and previous successes or other good qualities on a paper and should read it again and again, by doing this, we slowly overcome our shortcomings and are able to develop ourselves.
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    I have used sticky notes (available at stationery shops in variable sizes) for this purpose. I am sticking these notes with my goals since my childhood. I used to stick them on the cupboard, besides my bed, and even on the wall opposite to my study table. The advantage of using such paper chits is that you can replace them after achieving your goals with your new goals. Now I have a small whiteboard with a marker placed on the study table and I use it for the same purpose.

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    I have a habit of writing down some jotted points in a piece of paper or paper and then annex it to my file or folder for future reference. But what the author is suggesting is to write the objectives or goals on a paper and stick it to some place so that they are visible to us time to time reminding that we have to accomplish that. It seems to be a good visual trick to remind ourselves in that fashion but I would know its true worth when I really try it.
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