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    What if life becomes a toilet paper!

    In life, we come across a variety of papers. Some are newspaper, thesis, and dissertation paper that enhance knowledge and strengthen our intellect. There are papers which are a document of a being's birth, death, marriage, postal address, employment, property, educational qualification, and many more which help to prove someone's specific identity. Such papers remain as an asset of life. Well, there is one type of paper, which is in use for wiping, cleaning and for some other odd works. They are paper napkins, tissues and toilet papers. It's good to have such type of papers which help people to keep themselves clean and maintain things and places sparkling bright. Well, have you ever noticed that at times many human beings lead a life like a tissue or a toilet paper just because someone has forced him/her to become so?

    Many people around us do not lead a respectable life. It's not because they do not have any quality, but the reality is they give in to the wrong demands of others. It leads to a harsh truth, and life of theirs becomes a tragedy. Every one of us must remember that life which we have got is God's gift and it's precious. We need to make the right decisions and make worthy choices in our lives. Allowing others to play with our emotion, either welcome or ignore us according to their need, being thrown away like a toilet paper after cleaning shit is the worst experience one can have in life. It breaks a person morally and makes him or her feel degraded.

    Every individual's life is a special one. We must nurture it with utmost care and respect, and should not allow anyone to utilise us for their benefit. Life is to be cherished and mustn't be flushed like a toilet paper or thrown in a dustbin. Thus, stand up against every wrongdoing one does to you and save your life from becoming a toilet paper.

    My submission for the TOW contest:

    August TOW Paper
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    Even toilet paper has its own worth and the author has mistaken in comparing the life with the toilet paper. Why should there be such misconceptions about the life. The ups an downs, the good and the bad, the joy and the sad moments are going to happen and that is the part of the life cycle. And each such challenge would prove to be a great learning lesson and that would be also a bench mark for us to keep in mind not to make the mistake again. Even the most educated person with lots of wisdom and knowledge tend to make mistake, but why they are winning because they never continued the same mistake again. Some times we succumb to the demands of others in our life thereby deviating from our own principles and rules and thus get cornered for no fault of us and even that situation is also a lesson not to repeat again.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    What you said is an insult to a toilet paper without which the world will stink. Kindly don't underestimate the value of the useful use and throw toilet papers. All the men who work and earn their bread, like the coolies, temporary casual laborers, workers under someone are like tissue papers without which survival of others would be very difficult.

    Ultimately you are saying be rich and don't be labour or working-class people. Thus you degraded the working class people like a degrading toilet paper after its use. Not appreciated.

    If you are right, 90 percent of human beings are leading their life like toilet papers only.

    No life without Sun

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    While it's important to respect every individual we also have a responsibility towards our fellow beings. Being used by others for their purpose or being oppressed is definitely a painful situation. If we find someone in such condition, we should move forward to change the situation for such persons. Being used by others repeatedly for some purpose has something to do with a lack of awareness of the situation. We can guide those people to raise their awareness to a certain extent and if we do not help their sufferings will increase from time to time. If somebody remains oppressed, it may be because the deprivation is such that the person fears to raise the voice. Here also we have some role. We cannot stay alone and as a social being, we all have lots of responsibilities to make this place a pleasant one to live in.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Toilet paper is also made for a purpose. If the paper does it perfectly, then it has served the purpose. So toilet paper also has some value and we will understand the importance when it is not available for our need.
    We use and throw it. Similarly, some people use people for their requirement and then forget about them. This use and throw concept should not be applied to human beings. We should allow them to live their lives. When we use them for our need, we should help them when they need help from us. That should be the concept one should follow.

    always confident

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    This thread is telling us that we should not allow others to just use it and throw. In today's world there are crooked and evil people who would do that without any remorse or feeling and to that extent it makes sense to foresee such dangers in our lives and protect ourselves from that type of humiliation. Just to earn some money or to get some privilege we should not get lured to such situations.
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    @K Mohan and @SuN

    I fail to understand what you understood from my write-up. I would request you to reread it then you will understand that neither I have underestimated anyone nor my comparison is wrong. After using a toilet paper we do not use those papers to decorate our house, isn't it so?


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