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    Happy Teacher's Day to all!

    The 05th of September every year is celebrated as Teacher's Day in India. It is to commemorate the birthday of Dr S. Radhakrishnan, the second President of India, as it was his call that we should dedicate a day to express our gratitude and to honour teachers who mould us into good human beings and teach us all that we should know. The first teachers in our life are our parents and apart from them a child spends the most time with his teachers. This is why teachers leave a deep impact on the personality of children. Let us take this opportunity to remember all our teachers with gratiude and pay our respects to them.

    I would like to wish Happy Teachers' Day to all my teachers as well as all senior members of ISC who have guided me here.

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    I was fortunate to have teachers who were loving and caring, who could understand me, who could realise my potential and considered it their responsibility to nurture and encourage me, who considered it their responsibility to mould me as a good human being with values and above all thought it to be their duty to teach me that I should know what I am and what I am required to give back to the society. I take this opportunity to refresh my memories about them and to renew my love and gratitude to all of them.

    Keep learning and learn to respect and be thankful to all those who have endeavoured to teach you one thing or the other which you didn't know. Remember that we are all students throughout our life; we keep learning or relearning every moment that we pass through.

    Wishing all a Happy Teacher's Day!

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    Teachers are not just those who educated us in the classroom. There are so many others from whom we learned lessons, and not just parents, siblings and friends. We learn, too, from unknown strangers values like kindness and humility, even vendors and those who provide services like maids and roadside sweepers about commitment and dedication to their work. I am always grateful to all those who taught me lessons in little and big ways, both the formal and informal kind. My appreciation and applause for each of them. Thank you, teachers, for being part of my life and for giving me so much.
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    Mother is the first teacher to everybody. She teaches us how to walk and she will be holding our hands until we walk without falling. That is the care she will take towards their kids. We should salute her every day but today we should not miss that as today is teacher's day. From this platform, I convey my respects to my mother and seek her blessings.
    The Goddess, Saraswathi, is the God of wisdom. Without her teachings and blessings, we will not have wisdom. Let us pray her for her blessings.
    We have learned in our life from many teachers. Without their contributions, we might not have got educated. Their teaching made us learn how to live and how to take care of our family. We also understood what is good and what is bad? Following all the good lessons taught by them in our lives is the best gift we can offer to them on this teacher's day. I wish all my teachers and all the teachers on the earth a happy teacher's day.

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    Teacher's day is commemorated on the 5th of September on the birthday of Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. I agree with the view mother is the first teacher for every child. When a baby born then mother first play an important role in a child's development. Since birth, she not only takes care of the child but makes them learn all thing. I salute to all mother on teacher's day. Teacher plays an important role in a student's life. Teachers make our life successful. Teachers always motivate us and try to understand our problem without telling any word. They have been our role model and we are grateful to them. I wish happy teacher's day to all my teachers.

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    Today we have to remember all those who were instrumental in making us a person. On this day we are duty bound to say our gratitude to all those who are not necessarily teachers yet we have learned something or the other from them. It starts from the parents. Especially the mother is our first teacher as she has given us enough lessons on moral life, ethics, and overall how to respected the elders. Then we are duty bound to respect and say good words about our school teachers and tuition teacher. Then comes our college lecturers who taught the main career build up lesson through which we got the job in campus interview. Then we have to respect the company boss where we joined, who gave us the training and make us learn more about the company rules and policies and now we have become the man or woman to recognize with name and fame.
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    It's an important occassion to thank all those who've been around us to teach us things, without them we would be nothing. Not just our school teachers but also our parents who're a greater form of the teacher and lesser form of nature itself. Truly without a good teacher one cannot be expected to rise higher than the other ordinary souls. And teachers help us do that.

    Wishing every teacher a happy
    and propsperous Teacher's Day!!!

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    So long as we are alive, we will be learning something or the other from any body else. There is no harm in learning at the ripe age of eighty if one has the inner urge to learn. We should take the inspiration from the great poet Rabindra Nath Tagore who himself started to learn painting at the age of eighty. We need to observe two points in the process of learning firstly respect the teacher and follow him sincerely so as to get good grasp. Other things will be followed naturally.

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    Learning doesn't end, it continues as long as we wish to learn and in life, we come across many teachers. Teachers shape our lives, it is because of them our life prospers in various ways. Interestingly, we can learn from everybody and it's not limited to educational institutes. My deepest gratitude to all the teachers I came across so far and in this platform also there are many teachers from whom I learn regularly.

    Happy Teachers' Day to you all.


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