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    Honest people make their lives simple .

    Man makes many kinds of statements about honesty but avoids honesty itself because there are many kinds of misconceptions about honesty in society. Regarding honesty, it is understood that the life of an honest person is very difficult and lacks complete subsistence, which is really false.
    Honesty is just a few rules which can make a person honest by fulfilling the truth and integrity and the image of honesty can be presented in the society, due to which the human being gets full support, respect and trust in the society at all times.
    Victory is always honesty. It is a true that if a person is honest, his life becomes very easy , that is why it is said by philosopher - Honesty is the best policy.
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    Honest people are those who achieved success in life through their own hard and smart work and they know the importance of time and energy of others and thus would not make any remarks nor belittle anyone who ever criticize them. I have seen honest people are more educated. well behaved, talk less and sit silently on the corner of the function or the celebrations as if they are not invited or requested to be there. But honest peoples are avid readers, they listen to others does not make rave comments. They know the intricacies of life and how the victory comes to anyone. They respect the hard work of others and appreciate even the small progress made by others. Because of some honest people around us even the nature is listening to their commands and request and thereby everyone of us getting benefited.
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    If a person is clear in his objectives and knows what he has to do in a rightful manner then he would honestly pursue his goals and gradually achieve them. An honest person would always be satisfied with less as he would not be greedy for more and more of materialistic pleasures. He very well knows that more money is generally made by the dishonest and corrupt people and as that is not his cup of tea he would like to be happy with his own possessions however humble they might be. If a person is not greedy and is not getting lured to the unnecessary indulgences in life, he is the happiest one and virtues would be his biggest weapon including the honesty.
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    "Honesty is the best policy" and "Honesty always pays" are factual experience of people who have seen and lived this live "Honestly".
    It is a quality not everyone possesses, it takes more courage to be honest than to fight a war. When I say this it means a dishonest person is quarrelsome and egoistic, while an honest person is just the opposite. But this also true that the society makes a fool of an honest person the most, as a honest person sees everyone as the way he is.

    So, one must be true to himself always but not necessarily with the world around, as the other person will see you as he is.

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    Honest people are well behaved, polite and are courteous while talking to the people. Once you make friendship with such a gentleman, you may enjoy his friendship. He would have a smiling face and his response will be short and precise. They know the art of communication and take utmost care so that their aquiantences are not hurt with any rude talk. Hones people are simple and are endowed with the time management skills. Because of their own nature, they have the limited friendship but the nature of such friendship is the permanent one.

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    Not cheating anybody, earning by good means and not harming anybody are some of the qualities an honest person should have. Helping others to a possible extent is also one of the qualities of an honest person. Many people want to make their life happy and luxurious. To fulfil all their wishes, some people may resort to unfair activities. But an honest person can't do sich unfair activities. He will be happy with whatever he gets.
    Bammera Pothana is a very well known poet in Telugu. He has written Maha Bhagavatam in Telugu. But he never made money by offering his writings to the KIngs. He dedicated his book " Maha Bhagavatam" to Sri Rama.
    When Srinatha, another poet asked him to dedicate his book to a king so that he can become rich, Pothana said that he won't want to become rich by dedicating his book which is like her daughter to a king and lived a very simple life. In the same way, all honest people may live a simple living only.

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    Honesty means whatever you have is the result of your hard work. Nowadays, it is not easy to possess this quality as maximum possibility would be cheated by others. Honest people don't know how to cheat others. I disagree with this view that honest people are quiet and well behaved. I have noticed that honest people are straight forward in talking which sometimes hurt to someone's emotion. It is true that their lifestyle is very simple. They always believe in simplicity even though getting an opportunity to spend a better life. They always ready to help others in all possible way and in return, they don't want to get anything.

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    It is said that to cover one lie one has to tell hundreds of lies. So, people who are not honest have to be very manipulative at every stage and should be careful about their moves because if they are caught they would lose reputation in the society. At the same time the honest people have no such fear and they need not to do any manipulation or home work on account of that to safeguard them against such threats.
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