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    Following the religious leaders blindly is detrimental to the progress and development of a society

    In this world there are a number of religions and there are ample people to follow them in their own right. All the religious books and ancient scriptures tell us to pray God for His kindness to us and thank Him for the bread and butter we are getting. So far so good and it is definitely a great source of support and energy if people worship the God in that fashion. The problem comes when some religious leaders start teaching some distorted versions of their religion to the followers and mislead and confuse them. This has happened in many religions in the past and still happening across the world. Apart from the confusions it creates, it also hampers the progress of that particular society or community and it is the sad part of the story. When the society does not progress then the next thing comes is the natural conflict of these societies with other societies which have progressed much in the meantime. So wrong teachings by some of the religious leaders in the respective societies is one main cause of the conflicts and confrontations in the world. What do you say?
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    We cannot blame the entire religious leaders for the mistake of one and religious leaders are bound to be there to safe guard the interest of their own religion and cult. Normally religious leaders never talk politics and they preach the importance of life and responsibility. In that process they also induce the followers to think twice before taking any firm decision and thus the politicians who are averse to their preaching start saying bad and giving bad remarks about the religious leaders. I do understand that in the past some religious leaders had the patronage of ruling parties and thus become more powerful. Example Chandraswamy who was thantrik and religious leader had the full patronage of Congress party under Indira Gandhi rule and those who are criticizing these leaders have started the relations by them in the past.
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    There are very few leaders and the rest are followers. The problem with a lot of followers is they just keep on believing anything and everything without even thinking of exploring it. I do not know whether faith makes all the differences and If faith makes all the difference then the Sun could have been revolving around the Earth till now. What is truth and what is a distorted version of the truth is known only after exploration. Volumes of books are there and the explanations are also not easy to realize. Yet, without knowing it fully people just utter a few words in the form of hymns as if that's the full explanation. Being a blind follower of anything will hamper development and that is what is happening in our country. There are people who like to wear five rings in one hand, the purpose is best known to them, and use an iPhone with the other hand. Is it what we call development in true sense? Over-dependence on religion or faith hinders our growth and it is applicable everywhere.

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    I think the blame goes to the people who go blindly behind somebody. They don't use their wisdom to understand the difference between good and bad. These people believe political leaders, religious leaders and all leaders. But before believing they should evaluate the worth of the person whom they want to follow. Nobody can force us to go behind somebody. We have to make the decision thinking twice.
    Religion teaches us the way of life. No religion will tell people to do wrong things. So if any religious leader tries to influence people and make them follow a wrong path, the followers should realise and come out of his influence. Here only many people are failing and some people are misusing the weakness of the people and trying to get benefitted by cooperating with the leaders who are off the track.
    Here people should get educated more and see that nobody can influence them by showing some attractions.

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    True, the more guilty here will be considered as the person who considers such hypocrites to be true and forgets humanity in the name of religion, we all have good times in our lives, for this we also pray to God but God And why do we allow any third among us to come. Religion does not have any direct relation to humans, except that with birth we get a bonus. The matter is of its correct use. Humanity is not born, you have to learn it. You stay human, religion is not going anywhere. A person can be good or bad, everyone's heart knows, religions show us the right path and all religions are the best in themselves. If you want change in society, then avoid the temptation of surname! Most people die in the name of religion. Your respect, your pride, people's attitude towards you, their thinking .It all depends on your behavior.
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    I think this problem exists in all the religions and societies to lesser or larger extent. These so called religious leaders or some of their political affiliates are taking advantage of the religious feelings of the masses and out of that creating mileage for them. The gullible people do not understand these things and get trapped in the religious sentiments and emotions. I wish we should be soon out of this frantic belief if we really want to progress ahead.
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