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    Something that was so natural in all of us now needs a reason to happen.

    Have you guessed it or not? If not, then let's tell you what I am talking about. It's 'Smile' or 'Laughter'.

    As a kid, we never had to find a reason or ocassion to smile and laugh but as we grow old we slowly and steadily forget to smile. We get busy in worldly affairs and the most precious of thing gets lost under the name of responsibilities and work. Kids find even the worst of situations funny and can laugh it away.

    As we grow old we become so serious that we we look for some reason to laugh. We try to find good comedy movie, read jokes, and try to find funny serials. But all these are very short-lived and act just as a placebo.

    Being in the company of friends and family also keeps one smiling but now we have already moved into nuclear family culture and friends are all busy earning money, so being in touch with everyone on daily basis is no more possible.

    No wonder old people in the morning do laughing exercise as they know it's benefit but still it is done as an exercise and it is no more a natural process. We all are heading there only, so find a reason to laugh and smile no matter what the situation may be.

    I do smile sometimes alone for no reason and it cheers me up, I also play a lot with my daughter and she just brightens up my day.

    What do other members do to get a dose of laughter daily.
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    Keep smiling. It will make your brain active. Laugh loud sometimes. It will release the pressure you have. A little smiling on the face will add value to your face at no cost. When we see somebody we wish them with a smile on our face. Then the other person will also smile and wish you. That way both are benefitted. But some people wait for the others to wish them. Here there is no big and small. All are equal and just forget the ego and smile to make others feel happy.
    I never leave any chance to smile or laugh based on the situation. That helped me a lot many times in my life. In some countries, I observed that people wish unknown persons also that too if they feel the other person is a foreigner. That will help us to feel happy in a place where we don't have many known people. But in our country we see many people hiding their smile.
    We can smile and see that others also smile but we should not laugh at somebody.

    always confident

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    The author has written a beautiful thread. Yes I agree fully with the author's viewpoint that we need to keep laughing and smiling. The reason why we smile and laugh a lot as kids are because we're innocent and naive to the outside world, our perceptions are pure and that's how our perception is naturally. But as we grow older and aquire more social consteucts and conditioning we become serious. This seriousness is false their's always a smile a laughter a heart that wishes to enjoy the moment each moment, and that's what it means to be alive. If I'm not wrong in saying we become quite robotic conditioned by the society the rules the norms everything. It's very important to smile sometimes even a small smile to your co workers might make their day in someway. Let's keep smiling and laughing whenever we get a chance that keeps up the positive vibe. I usually read jokes or watch funny memes or short videos on youtube or crack a few jokes here and there to keep my day up.

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    The author has written an interesting thread insisting us on keeping smiling face. Though this is simple but equally difficult to be implemented. It is because we are ourselves the enemies for such an act preparing ourselves to remain in serious mood.
    The best way would be to keep smiling when we come across our known friend and should enquire about him whether everything is ok with him. Such an initiative relaxes both the parties. We are of the opinion that being serious, we can outperform but the opposite is true. More you remain relaxed, more is the chances to succeed in our attempts.

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    It's heartening to know that most of us agree that smiling is so important but face the difficulty of implementing it in our lives. Can we not collectively look for solutions and share with each other here so that everyone is benefitted.
    There is no harm in doing good, as what goes around comes around. Let's spread smile.

    Live before you leave.

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    It is very easy to be happy but in today's time, the people have made this small and easy task difficult. There are some hormones too, but if you make a habit of laughing in the morning and evening, then any disease, whether mental or physical, will not come to you. Laughing is very important for a mutual relationship and a happy life. Laughter keeps the face glowing and happiness in the heart and never creates any quarrel in the relationship. Scientists have proved that laughter is very important for health. All of them know that laughter is important for health and one should always have a cheerful nature. Laughter serves as a sweetness in family relationships. And this is proved when the young child is born how it blossoms at the touch of its mother, this makes mutual relations stronger.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Smile and laughter are the two great features of human life and every one want to enjoy the day with smile and laughter no matter for that they need to travel to those persons who are well versed in making them smile and laugh much. Many wants to meet me just because they like the way I talk with them and bring in laughing subject in between and thus they get relieved from the stress and continued worrisome before. There are people who would go to the top of the mountain and laugh loudly so that they get rejuvenated instantly. And those who laugh and smile are the most liked persons around us because, their face would make us forget all the worries of that time. Especially the small children when they make smile at us, we would feel like cajoling them for long hours and be with them and that is the super power of laughing and smile.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Make the habit of smiling at others and wish him. Even though the other person is unknown there is nothing wrong with smiling. When you are sitting alone try to recollect the happy moments and laugh. That will give you a pleasant time. When you have a serious issue to work and you are not able to think, divert your mind and read some comics. That will bring back the smile on your face and sometimes you will find a solution to your problem also.
    Whenever you have some time and sitting with your family members or friends share your happy moments which will bring smiles on your face and the others also will smile. The whole atmosphere will be happy and you will feel relaxed.
    I think if we practice this we will be having a smile on our face always and make the atmosphere better.

    always confident

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