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    Digital India Movement and Corona effects on the Paper Industry and Environment

    From decades many Environment activists and NGOs are working on awareness programs about how the environment is getting affected badly due to increasing paper production. These activists have been focusing on the concept of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" to minimise the cutting of trees for producing paper.

    If we observe current two major issues, namely Corona Pandemic and Digital India Movement, the paper usage has been dramatically affected. Such sudden dip in the paper usage may have affected paper production industries adversely. But it is a very positive change for benefit of forests and eventually for overall environment.

    When the lockdown was started in March 2020, even the newspapers were banned for circulation to avoid the infection through the distribution chain. In this period a majority of population shifted to Newspaper apps or online news paper websites or e-news. There is certainly a lot of people who still prefer the physical newspaper with their morning tea. But the new generatio who got habitual to the news apps and e-papers will surely count in the lesser use of paper and thus pleasing and protecting the environment.

    In the Digital India Movement also, many important office work / government and banks forms were made available online. For example, in earlier days for any Government documentation, Aadhar Card application or Passport Application, one had to get a lot of paperwork. But now Government accepts the online submission of forms with scanned copy of essential supporting documents. It is quite a reliefe for our forests as the reduced use of paper will result in lesser cutting of trees.

    Have you observed any such points recently? Please share your experience and opinion.

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    The more we go digital mode the less paper would be used. It is the fact that paper has been integral part of our life and would remain also. Previously the train tickets were printed and we would produce the same. And now some passengers are taking hard copy of the ticket and thus paper is put to use by some. The Aadhaar card and other personal identification cards can be shown from the cell phone, but elders insist that we should have the hard copy of voter ID and even Pan card. Nevertheless the banks are also changing to paperless transactions and they are keeping the customers away from bank with mobile banking service but when it comes to filing the income tax returns, the CA asks for the bank statement of transactions and that involves the paper work. So departments should cooperate and coordinate to reduce the paper work.
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    Definitely paper production will decrease the density of trees as more and more trees will be cut for making paper. This is proved beyond doubt. Lesser the paper production, better the environment. Trees are giving oxygen as an exchange to carbon dioxide from us. But we are so cruel that we cut trees. This is like rejecting our own mother. The pandemic has done a favour to the environment. In many places, pollution has come down. That way COVID 19 helped mankind.
    The people should become more aware of the ill effect of cutting the trees and should stop cutting them and every person should plant as many trees as possible. That will increase the tree population density, which will help in improving the environment.
    This fact is known to many. But they simply forget when they want their works to be done. They will not feel in destroying the trees and feel happy that they built a good building for them.

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    Corona has affected many industries in one way or other and paper industry is also affected by it significantly. Already there was a lacklustre demand for the printed books and periodicals as online had already picked up much in some areas where the voluminous research and study documents were dispensed with. So this is only a matter of time that once the earlier generation because of ageing is out of the list of the consumers, everything would be presented in online mode. Corona has only accelerated that process much faster. Actual situation can be accessed only once the present pandemic is over.
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    Due to the global epidemic of corona virus, not only the country but also the big industries have suffered greatly in the world. The newspaper industry is also one of them. The newspapers are neither getting any revenue from advertisements nor their distribution. The newspaper industry is one of the most affected industries in India due to this global epidemic. People are withdrawing from buying newspapers due to fear of corona infection, the public feels that this infection will increase and if there is no cure for the epidemic, then people consider it appropriate to avoid the newspaper. Digital India movement has been brought in so that people can be connected with technology as well as to reduce the time period of work done through paper but it is also true that it has affected the demand of paper because more work is done on computer data Being in the form of paper has reduced use, yet as far as the value of the paper is concerned, it can never be displace by anything.

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    Papers are the important tools in our day to day life and its importance will not likely to change unless everything we want to have is on line mode. It may be anything from our Aadhar Card, PAN Card to train tickets. Though such a system would replace the paperwork considerably and hence the paper production can be curtailed depending upon situation. Though it appears a feasible solution to reduce our reliance on papers but still we have to go long way to minimise its consumption level. Most of the printed books, text books and other journals and newspaper at the present moment cannot be phased out unless we start online teaching almost in all schools so that the books become redundant. It will take some more time to discontinue our dependence on papers and till then we must be economic towards its consumption.

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    This pandemic has affected all kind of industry. Paper industry is one of them. People have stopped to take the newspaper because of fear of the corona virus. Everything is going to be digital. We are using mobile and internet for every kind of activity. The use of paper is going to be minimum to this extent people are being allowed to use digital payment instead of currency. Moreover, education system, banking and all transaction have become in digital mode. But, the importance of paper never would be less. I believe once again we would use paper when pandemic gets over.

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    All the respected members have expressed their precious views about the effects of Digital India Movement and Corona virus on the paper industry and environment. All in all most of the members do agree that the reduced use of paper is positive change with respect to healthy environment. Hence, we can conclude that this is an Eco-friendly change.

    For thousands of years since the invention of methodology of making paper pulp by using tree trunks, we have been destructing and damaging forests for satisfying our need of paper. Now, the scenario is changing for good.

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