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    Life is like a blank paper

    We all start our life as a blank paper. Learning among children also starts from a piece of blank paper. When we give a blank paper to a child he/she can write or make anything on it or use it as per his/her imagination and creation. A blank paper has nothing on it but is a house of creativities, ideas and full of life. We also use so many papers in our life, but first, they all are a blank piece of paper. Therefore, a blank paper is equally important like any other paper and is powerful. Because we can write our story using our thoughts and our own powerful words. There is infinite potential to write something on it. People write different stories of their life as they live a happy life, adventurous life, mysterious life, marvellous life etc.

    We all want to write on this blank paper of life according to us, something may be interesting, funny, amazing and full of happiness which we want to show to others but there may be something sad and anxious which we don't want to share with others. Like a piece of paper, we can add anything to it. But it depends on us how we use this paper and what we write on it? We can write something interesting, creative, optimistic and intellectual to fill every space with colours of joy so that no space will remain blank on it. Our actions are like a paintbrush. So we should use an appropriate brush to paint the colours on the blank paper of life to make it colourful.

    My entry for August 2020 Topic based TOW-Paper
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    Life is a blank paper. You can write anything you want to write. Your writings only will make you happy or the other war round. A paper may become a Rs.2000/- rupees note or it may become a paper boat in the hands of children. The paper will get converted as you like. Same is the case with your life. You may make it valuable and respectable. Otherwise, you may make it so ugly so that nobody likes to have a similar one.
    A paper can get into any shape you want it or you like it. In the same, our life will also get moulded the way you wanted. Use the opportunity given by God and make your life a remarkable one.

    always confident

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    Yeah, you are right enough. Life is like a blank paper. Lots of people even don't understand properly the meaning of life. And for some them life has nothing without money.

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    After reading this post my thoughts went to the great old Hindi song " Mera jeevan kora kagaz, kora hi raha gaya" That means my life was white paper and remained white only. Here comes the main take. For a performer, a stage is not necessary and he or she would not demand a big stage. Same way for an achiever in life he would not blame the life and its motion. In fact, every life is colourful provided we take the past is forgotten, present to be lived and the future to be taken as granted through the present living. One thing is sure, those who have failed to achieve the success of life at the beginning of their career, they are sure to be benefited in the last and those who have achieved success, in the beginning, would face troubles at the end of the services. That is called life which always stares with happiness and sorrow moments.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When we start the journey of life then definitely it is a blank paper but soon it starts getting filled with events, incidents, successes, failures, relationships, feelings for others, and many such matters and soon becomes clumsy and haphazard. There are so many things happening that sometimes one cannot make out as what to do and how to go ahead through that crowded material in that paper. It is symbolic to say so but the fact of life is that the paper of our life is too crowded and filled with so many things that to find something there is itself a big task.
    Knowledge is power.

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