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    Letter Writing Contest- Write a letter to your favourite teacher and win prizes!

    On the occasion of Teacher's Day, as we are reminiscing our school and college days, we are announcing a quick Letter Writing Contest. We call upon you to write a letter (not e-mail) to your favourite teacher, who might have taught you in your school, college or any other institute remembering him/ her and expressing your gratitude to him/ her.

    What you have to do?

    Let us imagine and place our favourite teacher in a school/ college/ institute which is listed in ISC data. It would be nice if the school, college or institute in which you had actually studied is listed here. Write a letter to your favourite teacher. You can give them a name of your choice. We would like you to come up with letters that are naturally expected in such situations. You may start with a small introduction and then bring out a few points about your school days which the teacher might also be remembering. Then conclude by expressing your gratitude and saying how the teacher has influenced/ helped you in your life.

    Please try to bring in fresh and unique topics so that one letter does not resemble the other. We suggest the authors be natural, in their ideas as well as words. It would be better to avoid too many adjectives.

    All members, including editors, can participate in this contest.

    Rules and Guidelines(for strict compliance please):-

    1. The letter should be in English only.

    2. It should be a proper letter abiding by all the applicable rules, not for an email but one to be sent via postal mail.

    3. You should start and end the letter with a salutation.

    4. You must mention the name of the school, college or institute (not imaginary) in your letter and also provide a link to the ISC page where it is listed.

    5. Put proper paragraphs, but avoid rambling letters.

    6. We are not putting forward any word limit but please do not write lengthy letters. As has been said earlier, let us be natural in our approach.

    7. Only one letter per member is allowed.

    8. Remember that this is a proper letter, so slang, short forms of words and SMS text or emoticons are not allowed. Inappropriate language and bad words are also not allowed.

    9. Please post your letters as a response to this thread only.

    10. Participants can edit their entries at any time before the closing date of the contest but cannot change the contents as such.

    11. Please do not post your comments/ observations etc in this thread. You may but, ask genuine doubts if any, regarding the contest, for clarification.

    The contest will close at 6 PM on the 6th, that is tomorrow.
    Updated at 9.30p.m.: The closing time is midnight of 6th September.

    Though the number of prizes will be subject to change depending on the number of participants, we have, as of now, decided to give prizes as follows-

    1st Prize- Rs 75/-
    2nd Prize- Rs 50/- and
    Consolation Prize- Rs 30/-

    So, please read the rules and guidelines and start posting your letters soon.
  • #709436
    05th Sept. 2020
    Dear Sir Francis,

    How are you? I hope this letter finds you and your family in the pink of health. I know it's too late to write but I felt fortunate to tell you that we all miss you very much. As many never thought that, you were building our foundation that would help us reach the place that we all are today.

    Today is teacher's day and we (all boarders of St. Francis School) in our Whatsapp group came for a chat and the topic was on you. Everyone shared their own experiences that they had in the boarding and how it is helping them to stand with head raised high and face any situation in life. The punishment that you gave for the wrong they did was actually accepted but even for the right was never taken with good spirit but now, it has helped us to overlook many difficulties that crop up in family, friends, colleagues and at work.

    You had the rule that even if we are right, we need to keep calm, take the punishment and then later come up and explain ourselves. I remember, one incident where I had argued with you as I was not at fault but had to take the whacking for others fault but now it is the way of life which we face every day in our society. I have learned to ignore and then present myself to the concerned person where they feel guilty and have helped me to be better placed for my understanding and even making them look comfortable.

    You full intension of letting us participate in every event even if we are not interested or good at made us realize that nothing is possible and if we want to, we can learn it and enjoy every stage of life as it comes. After taking part in all the activities like games (football, volleyball, hockey, athletic), singing, elocution, annual day function, etc. has helped us to enjoy everything and to be part of any program which is an ice-breaker for us and help us to get closer to others. As ours was boy's school, we had to play the girls role in dramas, dances, fashion shows, etc. which was actually by force but now it has helped us to face any kind of situation with ease and even understand the difficulty girls or our wife faces. You strictness on punctuality, organizing things, participation, problem-solving by discussing, group formation and playing a leaders role and having the team spirit, helping each other in activities and studies, cleaning our clothes and surrounding, etc. has taught us to be disciplined and organized and carry our family in a good manner with sharing the workload equally. The jam section every Thursday, a movie on every Saturday, Band camp during Diwali vacation, and the best was a month trip to Goa for our summer vacation is always in my memory and I still remember the fun we all had and places we visiting in that trip.

    There are many things to pen down but I feel that will make it too long and you know it well that even though we argued, hated and disliked you in the early stage of our boarding life, you became my favourite as we progressed and by the time, I reached my last year, you were my best friend understanding me and helping me to face everything with a smiling face. Hope to visit you this year for Christmas when I reach Mumbai and will try to organize a get-together with some of our boarders. May God grant you good health and may every wish of yours get fulfilled.

    Your gladiatorial student

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

  • #709439

    September 6, 2020

    Dear Ashok Sir,
    Warm wishes!
    Many congratulations on publishing another research paper in the Biotech journal!
    I know this letter will be a surprise for you. Sir, yesterday I completed my project on Histone isolation from wheat and rice leaves and submitted my thesis. I thought to write a letter to you as you are the one who taught me the basics of molecular biology and all the techniques. You supported me to opt for the project at BARC (I was not confident to join such a prestigious research institute) and even convince my parents for the same as they were not ready to allow me to stay in Mumbai all alone.
    Sir, during the whole project, whenever I performed the SDS PAGE, I remembered your teaching and scolding. I know, I was not good in the same and have done blunders in Banasthali lab but your scolding and trust on me made me learn things faster. I still remember the day when you asked me to cast the gel in 4 trays back to back. I was so tired that I thought to leave everything and run back to the hostel. But then I took it as a challenge and lastly did it. You won't believe that I am the best in my lab in casting gel for chromatography and it is all because of you.
    After 10 days, I will be having my viva on the same and my guide is ready to accept me for her another project. I need your wishes, sir!
    I am planning to visit Banasthali this winter and would like to meet you after almost 2 years. There is a lot to share with you but I am unable to express the same through words. So, let me know your plans.

    Thanks again



    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

  • #709441

    Dear Prof. Krishna Murty,

    Good Morning Sir,

    I hope this letter finds you in good health and spirits. I pay my respects to you on the occasion of Teacher's Day.

    All the students worked under you for Doctorate had a Zoom meeting today and exchanged our well being. I am happy that we could also see you at that meeting and convey our salutations to you. Because of that meeting, I remembered the times I have spent with you and that made me write this letter. I always remember the days we both spend in the library and in the university laboratory. The tips you gave those days are very useful even today in many ways.

    I feel I owe this life to you. The encouragement you have given to me for joining in my research course after completing my postgraduation course was remarkable and that has changed my life. If you have not given me the encouragement I might not have joined for PhD. That is why I treat you as my Godfather and I will be thankful to you throughout my life.

    I am happy in my life now and my two sons are doing well in their jobs. My wife remembers the hospitality you and Mrs Krishnamurty extended to us during our visit to your house in January this year. She joins me in conveying her respects to you and Madam.

    From the last six months, we couldn't move out due to COVID 19 and I hope you and Madam are maintaining good health. I hope you are in constant touch with your sons, Srinivas and Ramu and hope they are doing well in the USA. It is good you have come back to India in January this year. Otherwise, you might have held up in the USA.

    Recently I have gone through the various paintings done by you and I remember those days when I used to sit with you and discuss my problems in my work while you are working on your paintings.

    On this day of Teacher's day, I pay my respects to all my teacher's who made me a human being with their teachings. You will be the first in the list and then comes Prof. Rukmini Krishna Murty Madam who guided me in my post-graduation in the chemistry department of Andhra University

    I pray the Almighty to give you health and see that you will have healthy and happy times.

    Once again, I register my gratitude to you and I remain.

    Yours Lovingly,
    N V Srinivasa Rao.

    always confident

  • #709442
    Head of the Department
    Department of Environmental Science,
    KGM Haridwar, Uttarakhand

    September 5, 2020

    Dear Prof (Mrs.) N. Joshi

    Hope you are in good health. I am writing to you because I am missing you. Today when I saw my son celebrating teacher's day online then I recalled the old memories of my university's days which I spent in the Department of Environmental Sciences, Kanya Gurukul Mahavidyalaya, Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar and did Post-Doc under your guidance. On this teacher's day, I got an idea that I should use this opportunity to show my gratitude to my favourite teacher and I am very excited about it. Therefore, I am writing a letter to you.

    I never told you how much I was impressed with you? In fact, I never saw a real beauty with the brain like you. You are a true inspiration for me as you have helped me at each moment selflessly.

    You will be pleased to know that after completing my Post-Doc, now I am working on a good position in a reputed company in a metro city. But it was all your support behind my achievements; as if you were not there, I could not be able to make it a success. Being a lady and a mother of a small kid, it was very difficult for me to complete my research, but it was you who support me and encouraged me.

    In the laboratory, some girls were not helpful, but you sometimes like a mother, sometimes like a sister or sometimes as a friend encouraged me and guide me. I remembered when I did not take part in a conference because of ill-health, but you handled everything calmly. And I also remembered in my presentation in front of the Departmental Review Committee how you favoured me and helped me the answering queries of the committee.
    You are a true guide and a mentor who helped me make a successful and a good person, and that's why I feel that I am so much lucky as I have been blessed with a teacher like you. I thank you, Ma'am, from the bottom of my heart for the knowledge, care, encouragement and support you have given to me.

    Thank you for being there every time diligently.
    A Very Happy Teacher's day to you Ma'am.

    Yours Sincerely
    Deepali Gangwar

  • #709473

    Dear Prof. Rajat Reddy,

    Good Morning Sir,

    I hope you're fine and in good health, it's been a long time hearing from you. Today it was Teacher's Day and our alumini group took to Telegram to chat together of our days in Amity University. All students remembered you as one of the finest teachers out there in the field of computer programming. The harder the problem the easier the solution you used to present for all of us to grasp. The toughest concepts you taught us with relative ease using real world situations. Believe it or not sir it was your approach to programming that got one of our batchmates Vinay Pathak a medal in the prestigious Google Hackathon. He is currently working on a project that would enable the disable students to learn the most complex topics of higher studies in relative simple way.

    You did not just teach us computers. But you taught us a way of life, a way to use this marvel of human imagination
    for the benefit of our society. This was the most amazing thing that I and other students who learnt under you felt. Moreover the all rounded approach that you took towards teaching us has not only inculcated in us the desire to learn more, but also the desire to something beneficial for everyone out there. Today the need of the hour is to apply what we learnt under you to solvevopen problems in our society that are being faced by all the folks around us. Thus enabling our society to move forward.

    Recently the pandemic has shaken us all hope you and your family are safe. Heard your children are also following in your footsteps to become experts in different areas of computer science. Wishing them and the family all the very best.

    There are so many things to write, but this letter is small and the stories too large. So long bidding you adieu

    Yours Sincerely

  • #709474

    Dear Tripathi Sir,
    Pranam. Yesterday, I was talking to my class fellow Meena regarding our college days in Laxman Singh Mahar Govt. P.G. College and we remembered you much. We really feel nostalgic about those days when we did our post graduation under your subtle guidance.

    It seems to me as yesterday only when after doing my B.A., I met you for the advice to me for selecting a subject for my PG. I was not sure as with which subject I should do my graduation and in fact was in a doldrums as I was not able to chose between the Geography and Psychology. Both were my favourite subjects and I did not like to part away with the other one if I chose one of them.

    I still remember when you had told me to come next day in the morning well ahead of class timings and meet you in the Psychology department. My father was too happy to note that the head of the department had consented to give guidance for my selecting a subject for my PG. I was too excited to talk to you in this matter as we had gone through your mesmerising lectures in our B.A. classes and I still give credit to you for my good marks obtained in the subject of Psychology. You may not remember Sir, but I am making you to recollect that when I entered your chamber you asked me to be comfortable and feel at ease before talking about my problem. Within a few minutes you made me very comfortable and just like a family member behaved with me in a soft and affectionate fashion. I remember that you asked me so many things about these subjects and my aptitude and finally I myself told you that I felt that I should do my PG in Psychology. You wholeheartedly endorsed my view and asked me to apply for admission immediately. You also assured me that if I wanted to do PhD then there was much scope under him for that.

    Today while remembering all those things I thank you for timely guidance to me as I could get a good division in my PG degree in Psychology subject.

    With respect and regards,
    Your student,
    Neeru Bhatt

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

  • #709475
    6th September 2020

    Prof. Sethuraman, Ph.D

    Esteemed Sir,
    Happy Teachers day. I am your ex-student SuN from SAV High School Tuticorin where you were my Hindi teacher. By the grace of Almighty, I am doing well as a Lecturer in a reputed Educational Institution in Bengaluru. After many years, I could trace your address through one of my relatives who is working as a teacher in the same school.

    Sir, I sincerely hope that you are in good health and spending your days happily after your retirement with madam and your family members. Last year December, when I visited Tuticorin, I wanted to visit your home. Unfortunately, you were away on a pilgrimage to Kedarnath and other areas in northern India.

    Sir, It is you who made my life bright with Hindi. While the whole state was opposing Hindi, you guided me to learn Hindi and explained the importance of learning Hindi. That helped me a lot in my career. As I was appointed in Delhi, I had no difficulty in communicating with the people of Delhi. All my superiors used to wonder about my Hindi speaking ability. I never failed to take your name and tell them that it was you who taught me Hindi.

    I ensured my children also learn Hindi. They are good at Hindi than me. They also expressed their desire to meet you. I shall bring them to Tuticorin during my next visit to interact with you. I am sure, you will be pleased to hear them speaking Hindi.

    Today is Teachers day. It is the duty of every student to remember their Teachers. Though there are many teachers who taught me, you are one such teacher whom I won't forget in my life. Not only teaching Hindi but also your advice and guidance to be a good human being that helped me to be what I am now.

    My regards to you and all your family members. Shall visit you during my next visit to Tuticorin. Take care, stay home, stay safe.

    Yours Obediently

    No life without Sun

  • #709479
    #45, Church Street

    5th September 2020

    Dear Kuttimma mam

    It gives me immense pleasure to addresses this letter to you on the occasion of Teachers Day. Happy Teachers Day mam.

    I was in class seventh when you were my class teacher at Sri Vani Impact School. You were teaching us mathematics subject which was one of my weak subject for the past few years. You created an interest in the subject, taught me the competitive world, to explore maths. You not only taught it as a subject but also made it lively by playing several games.

    It was your personal interest towards me that made me to reach the heights, amidst the rank students of the class. My parents were really surprised as a student who was always getting single digit marks could reach up to a rank. My mother remembers you through me even today.

    I extend my gratitude to you, your efforts has made me a Mathematics teacher now. It is rightly said that we have to be thankful to people who have led us to the right path. Thanks a lot, dear teacher.

    Yours Obediently

    Lead the leader

  • #709480
    Dated 6th September'20
    Navi Mumbai

    Respected Joshiji,
    Sadar Namaskar. When I took admission in M.Sc. Physics, in Thakur Dev Singh Bisht Govt. P.G. College then during the first few days I could guess well that you were the person who always helped the students in their studies. I was much impressed with your method of explaining the difficult chapters of the quantum Physics which usually created fear in the minds of the students. In addition to teaching this particular paper that is quantum mechanics you were holding the charge of guiding students in practicals also. I remember our HOD was mentioning about you with great pride and honour that there was such a brilliant person in the faculty.

    You might not remember but today through this letter I am taking to you back in time when you were coming during our practical sessions and helping us. I was a good student and had very good marks in my B.Sc. but unfortunately my practical hand was not much proficient and I think you took a note of that and gave me not only extra time but explained and helped me in completing those experiments successfully and my project work of making a DC power supply working on mains was also a successful endeavour at that point of time. I think that it was your guidance and concern that made me to learn the tough subject of Physics during my PG and in securing good marks in it.

    During my professional life whenever I used the principles of Physics in my work I always remembered you and shared those memories with my colleagues at the work place. Yesterday we celebrated Teacher's day and now I want to wish you a happy Teacher's day and wish you a good health and prosperity in your life.

    Yours affectionately,
    With regards,


    Knowledge is power.

  • #709481
    Head of the department
    Department of social science, Patna
    Dear Raghu sir,
    Namaste, How are you sir? I hope you will be good in health. My daughter was celebrating teacher's day then I also recalled golden times of my college period. I missed you a lot remembering earlier times. While pursuing Ph.D how did you help in all possible way.
    After completing my thesis, when I was unable to submit my thesis at that time you went many times University office for file process. After thesis submission, two times my viva cancelled. That time was a very troublesome period for me because I was settled in south India. That time was very difficult for me to go from south India to north India. Those days if you wouldn't help me then I would not get that position what today I am. You helped me a lot in getting awarded a PhD degree. Still, I remember every moment of that period. I will ever be grateful for a valuable contribution.
    With regards
    Sanchita Ranjan

  • #709482
    I am writing a letter to my English teacher who taught me in Carmel High School, Patna. Every student was fond of her during school days, and till date, everyone remembers her very fondly. She taught from class VIth to Xth. Her name is Sutapa Sinha. In school, students addressed teachers as Miss so I will address my letter in the same way.

    6th Sept 2020
    New Delhi

    My Respected Miss,

    Happy Teachers' Day!

    I am feeling happy to write you this letter on Teachers' Day to let you know that I remember you a lot. It was because of you that I got very much interested in the English language, although I never got very attached to English literature. Being Bengali, I loved reading storybooks in my mother tongue, but the English language has always attracted me a lot. That's the reason I love creative writing in English.

    Today while writing this letter, I fondly recollect an incident. Sharing it with you that on Facebook, I asked you that do you remember me or not, and your reply stunned me. It's thirty-seven years when I completed my Xth, and so many students have passed out before and after me, but you said that whenever you cross the road near my house, you always look at it remembering me. It overwhelmed me.

    Miss, though I no more visit Patna as my family does not stay there any more, I do miss my school and all the teachers. You are an active member of the Carmel Alumni, and my batchmates and I wonder how you manage to remain as active as you were before you retired from the school. It's also a great lesson for every student of yours. You know I do some online writing, and whenever I write something good, I owe it to you. It's your teaching style which has drawn my attention towards English. I am enjoying it very much.

    Today is Teachers' Day, and it is the perfect day to express my gratitude for your support as a teacher. I thank you not on this day but always, and it's not only for English but for transforming my personality as a whole. Your guidance has shaped me, which I won't forget in life. I hope you are fine! Thank you and Happy Teachers' Day once again, Miss.

    With regards,
    Shampa Sadhya (previously 'Rakshit')
    '83 Batch


  • #709487

    Mrs Raeka madam,


    How are you? I am sure you will be surprised after opening my letter. As I am a student of you and you had taught me before 40 years in Mohammediya H. S. School, Rampura. You were the head of the Nursery section. Do you remember me? I am Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala, the son of Mr. Noman Bhai who lived at Moayyedpura Mohalla. I am sure you will certainly remember me as I was a favourite student of you as my mother always told me.

    I am sorry that I am contacting you after so many years but I did not know where you were living presently? I came to know that you have left the Rampura and settled with your elder son. My uncle told me one week ago that you have again settled at Rampura. I took your address from him and I am writing you this letter.

    My mother always told me that you have taken care of me like your son. You always provided me with the toffees (Parle) though it was only 15paisa cost at that time I also taste its flavour today. Do you remember once I was crying to go to school on a Sunday? As I was my turn to ride on a horse made up of wood. My parents tried to convince me that there is Sunday today and its holiday but I was only 5 years old and continued crying. As you came to know about this incident, you open the nursery section for me and I ride on the wooden horse for almost 30 minutes. I couldn't forget that action of you for a small nursery student. There are many incidents with you which are enough to bring a smile on my face in this stress and modern life. I remember many toys of that time like a wooden horse, abacus made up of wooden, a wooden vehicle with three wheels, plastic balls, etc. Unfortunately, we do not have a picture of that time but the images of that time are in our heart forever.

    With your blessings, I am well settled at Neemuch and working as the Principal of a St. Thomas school. I also try to find your image in the nursery teacher of my school but I do not hesitate to say that it is impossible to find a teacher like you in this life again.

    It is not enough to say you a happy teachers day but I could not control myself to thank you for everyone you have given me in my life. You are the best gift in my life given by Allah.

    I want to meet you and will come in the next week to Rampura.

    Your naughty student,
    Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala

    Honesty is the best policy.

  • #709489
    6 September 2020.

    Dear Majid sir,
    It gives me immense pleasure to write to you on this teacher's day. I take it as an opportunity to convey to you my highest honour, respect and gratitude for your guidance and mentorship that I always carry with. I can't forget your selfless services, supervision to students in the class. Your dedication and your love towards students instilled confidence among students and I, as your humble student, have learned a great deal and problem-solving skills that helped me in the most difficult situation of my life. On this teacher's day, I pay my respect and reverence to you, sir.

    I always remember your advice about being disciplined in life. As a great soft skill teacher, you always taught me to stay consistent and focused on my goal. It is you who taught me never to let the criticism ditch confidence. I can't forget those debate competitions where you always encourage students to express and put the hearts out. You always assisted me in personality development and groomed me to become a better person.

    I am so overwhelmed to see myself as a successful person and all my success is a result of your consistent efforts, your love and mentorship. You helped me become a successful man. You are a special person for me. Sir, you are my hero and an extraordinary guide. I wish and pray for your good health and success in life. And accept my gratitude on this teacher day!

    Yours sincerely,


  • #709490
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    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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