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    Japan asks its companies to move from China to India and get sops

    While the border tension between India and China is escalating on one hand, and on the other hand India has been getting into the good books of Japan, as that country has asked the companies to shut the facilities in China and shift to India immediately and those who done so would get the subsidy from the Japan government. This is good move. Already India and Australia have good partnership on Military intelligence transfer and trade and Japan also joining to have logistic support of Military for India and that sets India going great strong against fight with China.
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    That is what we are all expecting. Many international Organisations started looking at India as an alternative destination to China. Many industries may be coming to India if the Central government and State governments use this opportunity wisely and give the corporates the required facilities, we can see many more industries coming to our country. Once it happens many of our youth need not worry about their jobs. Many will be placed in these industries. Japan is going the extra mile to see that China will be under tension and lose its position in the international arena at the earliest.
    Modi government is doing excellent work and they are trying to get the best possible benefit at this moment. We all should also cooperate with the government so that we will go ahead of China in all aspects. Many people say it is impossible. But in my opinion, it is not impossible but it may take some times.

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    Japan had already offered subsidies to its companies that move out of China to South-East Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam etc somewhere in June this year. In view of the upcoming Indo-Japan Summit, Japan has now included India and Bangladesh in the list of countries and there does not seem to be any direction to the companies to move immediately. It is just a part of their business strategy and also a reflection of the current differences between China and Japan. The author, while reporting the piece of news, should have taken due care to reflect facts on the ground.
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    The international relations are taking a new shape and dimensions in the South East Asia region and it is imperative that India should improve its governance and ease of doing business for the outside companies if we are really want to take advantage of the changed political scenario. Though verbally many countries have assured India that they would be with it in case of any war like situation arising with China but until we keep our house in order we can not attract the multinational companies who want to do business under minimum constraint. Let us see how the present Govt tackles this to India's advantage.
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    China is getting what it deserved. India and China are the 2 major countries that have huge potential in terms of consumption of any product. Companies need market and China was till now preferred over India as it had cheap and skilled resources.
    China took undue advantage of this strength but forgot that tide can turn any time and its misadventures has actually caused the same. Entire World beleives that China has invented the virus in its lab and spread it across the World to create panic and take over the economy of all the nations.

    India for ages is known to be a peace loving country but had a bad image due to red tapism and Government machinery functioning. Things have changed for good in last few years but a lot needs to be done to woo Investors organically rather than due to some pandemic. Whatever the reason may be, we must make the best of it.

    Some nations have put their trust upon us and are going to invest her like Japan and Australia but we must improve our infra and human resources further so that entire World comes here to invest. Business wants a peaceful and stable environment, so that it can focus on expnading and improving its work and in turn creates jobs and boost economy.

    We must pledge to boycott China and its products wherever possible and consume and promote Indian made goods and service. In the beginning it might be a little hard but in the end its will benefit us and our future generation only,

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    This is a nice move on Japan's side. Moving to India we will get access to some of the best technologies in the world. Here as other members have pointed out we too must work hard to increase our infrastructure and resources both skilled and otherwise. Also Japan loves innovation, where's that in India. I think we'll get to learn a lot once these companies set up their operations here in India. India too needs to become more and more innovative just calling up companies from different countries wo'nt help. We need to put our collective talents together to develop new products etc. This is very important for our economy. As we're lagging behind in terms of innovation and production. Sure the government has created some schemes like Atamanirbhar Bharat, Make In India etc. But they need to be piloted on the ground as well, only then we can change the infrastructure and conditions of our country and make them suitable for investments from foreign countries.

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