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    Recycling paper or go digital?

    Since the availabilities of digital media platforms, this has been my preferred stage to share the information via Facebook, WhatsApp & the private mailing systems including others with the reason that these are far more fast & efficient and also due to the reason that these will not lead to unnecessary paper usage & paper wastage and this is where the technologies are vital to us. Even for updates of information on the current events are readily available with the digital platform. Here, we got another side of the depiction wherein many of the households have not been able to replace the newspapers and the first thing they would want is to read the headlines from it while preparing for the other jobs and at the same time others can also be looked eager for their turn, not specifically for the headlines but because this got different other sections to go through.

    Even when it is a matter of keeping the records of investment or making a note of something, these mechanically or chemically processed thin sheet materials derived from woods are still considered to be far more reliable then digital storage and the reason could possibly be unease when operating and at the same time the digital platform has been proved delicate due to cyber thefts.

    We may have many conclusions & understanding on the above but my conviction is that if we do it reasonably and work on more digitization techniques by adopting to more secured ways and simultaneously put more emphasis on the recycling process wherever possible, we are for sure be in a good place.

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    The future seems to be on the digital India path and recycling of paper need not be the course of action. Probably after the pandemic challenge is completely over Modi government would be following paperless transactions at all levels and each department would cooperate and co ordinate in this regard. Even in the banks the internal audit checking and maintaining the accounts of customers in the hard copy would be dispensed with and every transaction would be saved in two digital platforms so that even in the event of hacking or technical snag the data would be saved and responded from other source. So keeping in view all this advantage the future is going to be paperless and digital mode transaction would be given more weight and every one would be taught to use the digital mode in the days to come.
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    Yes. The paper should be recycled to the maximum extent possible. Digital platforms also should be used to the maximum possible extent. We all should practice using digital technologies for our day to day operations. That will save a lot of paper. Practice reading newspaper on your laptop or phone and stop purchasing a printed newspaper. You will be saving a lot of paper. If you do that you will be doing a lot of favour to the environment and you will be benefitted. Banking operations are also minimising the usage of paper. No doubt about that and let us hope that more and more people will start using digital platforms more and more.
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    Slowly we are moving towards a paperless regime and once more people are accustomed in this mode, naturally the paper requirement for a document could be dispensed with. But it is definitely going to take some substantial time as there are many legal and procedural things which are to be amalgamated well with this new regime. Then there are other issues like hacking and other malpractices in the online arena which are sometimes discouraging us to leap forward in a big way though many countries are going ahead in this direction by aligning their rules and regulation in accordance with the changes that might be needed when one goes digital.
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    Nice tread by the author, I believe paper should be recycled. Recycling can prevent wastage of materials and reduce the consumption of new raw materials. Paper reworking is an Eco-friendly process of making paper. Tons of paper are consumed daily in the country and after being used for writing and printing, it is usually discarded as waste material. If not recycled, it contributes to problems like greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. Recycled paper ensures that the available supply of fresh fibers for paper making can be run for a long time. This leads to carbon acquisition, which means more carbon supply to the soil. Recycling of paper can overcome many problems by converting waste paper into new paper. Apart from protecting trees from cutting, there are several important benefits of doing so.
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