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    Be like paper currency; do not try to be a coin

    Coins generally have less value but make a lot of noises whereas paper currency generally has greater value but never make noises. We can learn a big lesson from paper currency and coins. Always try to be like a paper currency which does not make noises but does his work silently. Never make yourself like a coin which make a great noise but has a very low value. Everybody wants and like paper currency instead of the coins.

    So, become like paper currency and increase your value. You can take an example of Mr M. S. Dhoni who always remain silent and calm and do a great job in the ground.

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    The author gives a great message through his thread. It is true that we should remain calm like paper currency, the value of those people who speak less and clam is a bit more, the world of low-speaking and calm-looking people is sometimes very deep. Is found Deep thinking people speak less and those who maintain peace in nature are knowledgeable, their behavior is moderate and respectful of others, every decision is taken in their minds by taking thoughtful and thoughtful thinking. Speaking of thinking and quiet people cause minimum fuss to the society. People with a calm nature are very dear to nature. They are happy to see the beauty of nature. They never have hunger for wealth, they keep patience in whatever they get. Low value coins make a lot of noise, but their value is relatively less, so we should refine our value in life with calm nature like paper currancy.
    Swati Sharma

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    The author has brought in a winnable content connecting to the tow topic and surely this is out of box thought from the author. Currencies does not make noise but have higher values than coins. Currencies are colorful and have the likes of people who want to save them for future. Whereas the coins are of same colors and weigh more than the currencies and hence we want to get rid of coins as soon as possible and it may even tear the pant pocket due to weight. If you purchase anything and if you pay the same through currency note, the shop keeper would take the money and give the change. And if the same purchase is made with coins , then the shop owner would certainly ask as to where does so much coins comes from. Some times when we pay for the product purchased in many coins the purchasing power is demeaned.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Coins are heavy to carry but the paper currency is light. So carrying them easy. The expenses incurred for making a coin will be more than that of a paper currency note. There are many advantages to having a currency notes with us than coins.
    But if you are not careful paper currency may get spoiled easily. The shelf life of a coin is longer than that of a currency note.
    There coins for higher denominations also. I have seen a coin for Rs.1000/- also when Rs.1000/ note was there. But they are not much in circulation and only a few were minted, I think.

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    The author has given a valuable advice. Currencies do carry a certain greater purchasing power than coins, which are usually of low denomination. But the author's connection of a currency's value with the social value of a person is an interesting take.

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    It is indeed advice of the hour. Now that most people have started working more, thinking for their betterment in career and life. Talking to friends, gossiping had really seemed missing for a short while due to the pandemic circumstances. The person who talks more may not have the gist in his work and the person who talks less concentrates on his work, puts efforts, thoughts to fulfil his goals. He only speaks when there is an actual need to communicate.
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