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    Dropbox Paper: A collaborative light tool that helps create better, together

    Paper is a fine thin sheet for writing, painting, printing, wrapping things, etc. made by processing Cellulose fiber's that are produced from a variety of sources like plant vegetable and converted to the pulp which is fed to a paper machine where water is removed from it by pressing and drying. Dropbox is a cloud storage where one can store, share or back-up photos, videos, docs, and other files that can be accessed from any computers or mobile devices from anywhere which helps in easy sharing or sending of large or small files to a workmate, buddy, family, and colleague.

    Dropbox Paper, or simply Paper is the combination of both. The Dropbox Paper was launched in January 2017 which was developed by Dropbox and collaborated with company Hackpad that provides document-editing service from assigning to-dos, set milestones, manage approvals that can be found by everyone in the team, get feedback, friendly to write with formatting options, easy to add images to a document, etc. which can be called as a workspace. Dropbox Paper is a place where you can share and coordinate the creative concept, ideas, budget, style, material, the presentation with all sorts of multimedia, get feedback or comments and even interact with your team from anywhere in the world at any hour of the day at one spot without having to trace back and forth

    It is helpful to the marketing team to manage the social campaign, plan product launches and help the team to work together in real-time as if they are in the same office, etc. It is beneficial to the HR team to streamline the hiring of people with better preparation and proficiency. It supports the sales team to collaborate with others on the same page and plan their sales accordingly. It is very beneficial to the IT team to structure inform company policies and hire experienced people with simplicity.

    An entry for the August 2020 Topic-based TOW - Paper
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    This is a very nice entry. The tool mentioned above is extremly useful for both professionals and amateurs alike. It has it's own benefits towards the students. Dropbox as we know already is a name in the digital storage sector. With this tool it makes it debut entry in the field of collaborative writing. Kudos to the author for writing and highlighting the importance of this amazing tool

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    I am using for quite some time the free storage facility of Dropbox but was not aware of this new facility named as paper. As per the description it seems like some application to plan our things in advance. Thanks for the information.
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    The author has connected the content of tow topic with that of digital storage tool which is not aware to many common people and for me too it is new information.
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    These days all the Laptop and desktop users will be aware of this Dropbox as a storage place and many people are using this. Dropbox paper is a tool as mentioned by the author and it is a free tool from dropbox itself. It is a place for creative work.

    The author has given the details of this tool and will be useful to the members if anybody is interested in using this tool. The paper created by this drop box is useful to work coordinating with others.

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