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    A blank paper is nothing, but a written paper is an authority

    Dear all,
    A blank paper is nothing, invalid, zero and has no value at all.
    But a paper in which something is written is an absolute authority.
    For e.g.
    A currency note is nothing but a paper, but the print makes it authority and the written numbers on it is valid.
    A newspaper is nothing but a paper, but the printed matters become an authority to quote.
    A certificate in which a date is written becomes an authority viz. Date of Birth, Date of Marriage and Date of death. Any certificate issued by an educational institution, organization, office etc.
    A judgement pronounced vocally may not be an authority, but when it is documented and signed by the judge becomes an authority.
    So, A paper is an absolute authority when it has some writings on it.

    ***This is my TOW contest entry on 'Paper'
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    Correct. Something written on a paper will become an authority. All the certificates issued by Universities for their students when they qualify in an examination is made of paper only. Even the documents which give us a right on a particular property will also be made of paper only. The paper which is having some written information with the signatures of the authorised persons are authenticated documents only. That way paper is having an important role in our lives. These days some e certificates are coming which are also treated as original certificates.
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    In the olden days, the money lenders would take the signature of people on blank stamp papers. The people who were signing such documents we're illiterate hence using thumb impressions. In this present world of digitisation also facilmal signatures can be misused on paper just on similar grounds, as suggested by the author. An empty stamp paper with a persons' sign who acquires land and other assets will go paupers within no matter of time. Hence papers have to be visualised, read, understood completely before signing. The certificates may not be valid without signatures. Even the cheque leaves with joint ownership will not be valid of or is signed by one person. Paper plays a significant role in documentation and giving authority.
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