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    The fear of examination paper

    In the physical mode examination, an examination paper is given to the students and answer copybook is supplied for writing the answers. The examination paper is a top secret and is supposed to be unsealed only at the beginning of the exam. The suspense created up to the eleventh hour as what would be the questions this time always intrigues the students and due to the uncertainty coupled with their insufficient preparation for the examination, there is an element of fear which precipitates even in the minds of meritorious students and then what to say of the mediocre students.

    This phobia or fear of the examination paper is so strong in the minds of he students that as soon as they get the question paper in their hands they start answering the questions with great speed as they know that sometimes if they do not attend it fast then probably they would not be able to attend to the desired number of questions and lose the marks accordingly. It many times so happens that the students do not read the instructions also minutely and do not observe some of the instructions which are actually very important from the point of view of the time management.

    So whenever a student goes to appear in a physical mode written examination then he or she should first of all read the instructions carefully so that one does not do or attempt more than what is required there. The instructions change year to year and time to time and one should not assume that because last year the instructions were such and such so they would be same this year also. So, what is required is one has to reach the examination centre in a calm and composed state without any hurry or excitement as these things would only harm us as one should have a concentrated mind while writing the answer of a particular question. The hard work done throughout the year would completely go waste if the student does not keep a balanced and composed approach at the time of the examination.

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    The author has taken the discussion tow topic to next level through this post as for the student the exam paper is most important and how they fare out of the questions posed there is the catch of the day. What I feel that every student should not get tensed and remain cool and read the question paper fully which may take few minutes. Now one might get the idea of known answer to some questions and easy answers to some question. That should be attended first so that the tension in the mind is eased for fifty percent and passing out the exam is for sure. The next step is to answer those question which are nearly known to you. This way the entire paper can be completed or left with few questions which are not answerable. Surely every student would get passed for sure and wants to get more marks good attempts would have made.
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    Exam Papers are taken only so that the student can test what they have learned, to assess how much they have learned. But our education system has some flaws and this education system has made education exam-centric. Where all focus is to bring good marks in the exam. Do not imbibe education within yourself. For this reason, the student's mind only remains focused only in the examination and he deviates from the basic element of acquiring knowledge through education. Due to the concentration of meditation all the time, the fear of the examination arises in his mind. This is also a reason for fear of examination. The fear of examination is a feeling that all students have. Even if not all students, it happens to most students. But the reason for this should be known to the students themselves.
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    The fear will be there whether the question paper is physical or digital. The suspense is the same. Even though I am an old-timer, I have written some examinations online also. My fear was the same in both cases. Whether the questions in the paper will be easy for me or not? Can I fare well in the examination?
    I have the habit of answering the questions which are of objective type while reading itself so that my time will get saved. I never waste more time on the question where the answers are doubtful. In the end, only I will come back to such questions.
    But in the case of essay time answers, I read all the questions and decide which question should be answered based on the choice available.
    When we go to the examination we should be calm and we should be in tension. We should plan to reach the centre well in advance so that our anxiety will come down.

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    The time of examination is like that only. Even the best students would have some fear in their mind about their performance. There are students who prepare thoroughly and cover the whole syllabus and are ready in all the respect but due to the anxiety and fear sometimes they are not able to fare well. So, definitely it is a matter of concern and one has to improve on this front because the preparation of the whole year is jeopardised just because a person is having worry about one's performance in the forthcoming exam. There are instances where even a consultation with the psychologist or psychiatrist is required.
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