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    Paper bits spreading everywhere

    We use paper in our day to day life. We use to write, read and also learn new words through newspapers, periodicals, magazines and so on. It takes a series of steps from scratch till it reaches our hands. Efforts of so many people make it happen.

    What do we as readers do? A few read the contents fully, some look for columns of specific interest, some just don't bother to look at it too. Finally, these papers cannot be safeguarded for a longer period as it has a shelf life. We throw it here and there, making it a clutter filled with dust.

    We have to inculcate the habit of reutilizing it for at least one best purpose and secondly if to be thrown, these bits has to be thrown in dustbins placed within the streets of the city not on the roadsides or passerby pavements.

    Utilise paper in a proper form to get the advantage of it as well value it when it is disposed too.

    This entry is forTOW contest on paper
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    This is the thought provoking thread from our author. I do agree that we are alone creating the mess of spreading paper bits here and there unmindful of the fact that those single bit turns out to be more and they would pile up in the street. When a news paper boy carries the news paper, the pull out ad sheets which are inserted would be spread around the streets as there is no care for such hand out bills and people would read them and throw them unmindful on the roads. In Hyderabad there is no sense on the part of old city people who just broom the shops and leave the residue on the roads and that contains torn out bills and other papers. Like this we are wasting so much amount of papers on daily basis, and one day we shall starve for the piece of paper. One thing is sure we need to control and behave when using and disposing the paper.
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    After burning or throwing paper after use, it is better to collect it and make it available to the paper industries for recycling. Initially this process may seem a little expensive, but just as some things in the world are above the mathematics of profit and loss, similarly spending on environment is also a long-term investment for the earth.
    Some government offices or some government people need unnecessarily many copies of each document, use of full screen paper for four lines of information, multiple copies of the same circular, English, Hindi or regional language in government offices , all copies and then a lot of copies for error prevention. That is, there are many wasteful expenditure of paper, which can be avoided. It is important to value the paper.

    Swati Sharma

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    Recycling of paper is always advantageous and one should see that the paper used by him will not be wasted and at least it should go for recycling. Otherwise, we will be wasting a lot of wood which is not good for the protection of the environment. This is the message all should understand and follow so that we will be helping nature by protecting some trees indirectly.
    In many corporate offices, you can see employees using already one side written papers for their internal communication. This is to use the paper to the maximum extent possible. The envelopes also will be used for many times for internal circulations. This will save a lot of paper and in turn trees.
    This is good advice that we should not throw paper bits and pieces and we should collectively keep in a place and that will be collected by somebody to reprocess..

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    By reusing the paper, the usage can be reduced to some extent. We can also reduce cut down on trees for pulp.
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    It is a good thought put up by the author. Most of us have a habit of tearing the waste paper and throwing it outside anywhere we wish to throw it and do not take care to throw it in a dust bin or keep with us and throw in the house dust bin. I have seen a lot of such paper bits near bus stands and Railway stations and it makes the place so dirty. I think we have to teach our children regarding this so that they at least do not do such irresponsible actions.
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