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    Encouragement does not give you full freedom to act on own

    Take our daily life at home or office, we always expect some encouragement from our immediate head or boss and that would give us unique opportunity to showcase our ability and creativity in doing works differently. But encouragement does not always give the full freedom to work on our own because we have to be doing so within the ambit of the rules and regulations of the organization. So next time if someone encourages you to do work, be careful if there are any specific riders in his orders and expectations?
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    To do something which we have not done before may need encouragement but to do domething on our own terms, like skill and creativity will require freedom. So here I assume, that author has tried to bring this issue regarding freedom provided in office or at other space should not be taken for granted.

    When we are provided with freedom to act on our terms and get a job done and if we succeed in them then it gives us a double confidence that we can do anything. We may impress our boss or senior with our work but we should not forget that the boss or senior want to get the job done and for the same reason provided with us freedom to do the work. We should not start considering oursleves very important as, my boss still remains my boss and thinking that I can do anything when given freedom then, I am grossly mistalen, as no one in indispensable.

    Freedom to do things my way and encoragement to do something which I cannot, is just a push to apply what we already know and learn what we don't know. An organization runs under a set protocol and they will not change for anyone as the protocols have also been drafted and implemented after a long test run and these rules are and should be unbiased to all.

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    Encouragement is required to perform well in the area of your work. But encouragement should not be considered as getting an authority to go beyond your authority. We should understand this perfectly. Your boss may be encouraging and treating you friendly. But it is not that you can put your hand on his shoulder while talking to him like what you do with a friend. This boundary should be understood.
    When you get some encouragement from your boss, you feel confident and you work more vigorously. You may be getting an elevation in your position and that will give you additional responsibilities and authorities. Some people will not understand this difference and they will exceed the limits and they will getting warnings from superiors. Ultimately their confidence levels will come down. This one should understand and act accordingly.

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    Encouragement helps us to initiate some action in a desired direction. It does not ask us to do something blindly. If we do something without proper planning then that is our wrong derivation from the words of encouragement uttered by someone.
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    Encouragement is the essential ingredient in achieving the best performance of a company and in doing so the roll of the boss is important. A little push of the boss praising the inner potential of the staff can do wonders. It is not that the staff is not capable of achieving the job in the best way. They need to be reminded how best they have performed in the last time despite the constraints of man powers and other factors. But in that crucial moment the job delivered by him was unique. Such type of praise does not require any financial incentives to be offered but the tact fullness of the boss will revive the confidence of the staff to carry out the job in an unusual way. However, there is a limit beyond which the staff should not go in performing his job. Encouragement of the boss should not be construed as the weakness of the boss and with that wrong notion, the staff should not go beyond the discipline.

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