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    Have you heard of Murphy's Law?

    I read somewhere the following things that happen to us very often and there it was mentioned that it is Muphy's Law. Like these statements below:

    "When you are in a hurry, you will get late".
    "When you really need things you kept somewhere, you will not find it".
    "You know something but it won't come to you mind when needed urgently".
    "When you are really hungry, no one will ask you food".

    Although such things do happen and all of the above have already happened with me, I am not sure whether Murphy did really say all these or its just a made up things, although true.

    I read about one of Edward Aloysius Murphy Jr's, an American Aerospace Engineer, famous quotes saying "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong".

    Does anyone on ISC has any idea of Murphy's law as quoted above? Even if these are not his statements, still all of them are totally true.
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    The murphy law is built from the collective of human experiences. It's how things are experienced by humans under certain given conditions. For example if you woke up late, you're bound to be late to the office under most probable conditions. This does'nt mean you will be late with certainty but a general assumption is made based on observation and our collective experience under the same scenario experienced by other humans. Now let's take another example you were boiling eggs for your breakfast and you got a call. You went to pick up the call, meanwhile the eggs are boiled and you're still on phone then suddenly you remember your breakfast and come back and see that the eggs are overboilt and a little burnt. These are the tradeoffs we experience, some of them can be mitigated but not all of them are harmful either. You just need to be prepared for all the surprises that life has in store for you. Just pray those surprises are beautiful and o worthy of being experienced.

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    Though I was not aware of Murphy's law I had gone through all the facts mentioned by the author and that is true. When we are in hurry to reach a destination, the roads gets jammed with traffic, or some other procession or the Minister convoy would make us to wait and we cannot take other route as our vehicle is struck up in between. In the home when things are kept at one place sometimes we change the things and keep somewhere and not in the previous space and thus we end up searching for it and wont get up. Likewise when some discussions takes place, we also know the matter and its details but could not recollect the same at that hour and thus we fall to give the details. Though our relatives and friends would ask me whether I had food or they should offer. But one day I was hungry and no one asked for food on that day. May be I have gone through Murphy's law.
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    Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. This is generally known as Murphy's Law.
    There is a law which is opposite to Murphy's Law and that is known as Yhprum's law.
    This Law states that "Everything that can work, will work."
    What is Yhprum you know? This is just the reverse of Murphy.
    If we combine these two and can make a new Law. " Whatever has to happen, will happen" This may be regarding going wrong or working well. We can't change the result. Destiny can't be changed.

    I like drinking coffee hot. After two hours working on my system, Just I poured coffee from my flask into the cup. I am about to drink. A call came from my boss and he continued talking for half an hour and my coffee has become cold. This has been referred to as an example for Murphy's Law.

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    Murphy's law is nothing new but it is the offshoot of the law of fate or law of destiny. Murphy structured it in a hilarious form. In our old scriptures especially in Gita it is mentioned that one has to do efforts and should not bother for the results because results are not in our hands. The journey of life is not Mathematics. There is no 2+2=4 here. It could be 2+2=0 to 2+2=22, anything.

    Murphy law or similar other ones help the lazy and indisciplined people much because when things go wrong then they would quote Murphy's law. Family members would generally appreciate that type of thing and console the person. The science of Astrology is based on these premises only. When you get your horoscope checked by a priest then he would tell you that bad times are there and only chance for you to get a job would be after 2-3 years. That one can tell without seeing the horoscope also as the unemployment is so much today that chances for a job are minimal for everyone. Many people like Murphy's law and feel proud in it as it covers all our deficiencies in a joyful manner.

    Knowledge is power.

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