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    How about your present purchasing power Good, average or bad?

    As the ease of living post pandemic is almost being experienced and many even got their lost jobs back, and some have joined the new jobs and others started their own business having got much confidence to survive on their own. In this changed situation surely the purchasing power of everyone of us has taken the beating. Some of us totally forgotten the extravagant spending on products and services and restricting to bare minimum, some are doing average purchases and some have totally stopped the purchases. What is your take.?
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    I am not going to say anything about my purchasing power. But the purchases are limited. We are not even going to a cloth shop and purchase clothes. We are trying to purchase a minimum possible not due to lack of purchasing power. It is to be safe we are not moving out. We are going out only when it is an absolute necessity. Yesterday we went to a jewellery shop for getting a repair done on a gold chain of my wife. That chain is her daily wear. So we went there.
    Majority of the purchases are online only and we are purchasing again necessities only. We are not purchasing any fancy items. We are not ordering food online or we are eating anything made outside. So overall there is a decrease in the purchases during the last six months. I don't how long it will continue.
    The business people are also telling that their business has come down. Yesterday somebody is telling me over the phone that their sales are reduced to almost 50% of what it was used to be.

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    Pandemic has changed the life of the people. Many people suffered and are still suffering without any earning. Many people who had some saving for their future have spent them during the lockdown and have nothing left with them. They will have to strive hard to make money again. Only the rich and extra rich are not affected by the pandemic.

    As an average middle-class person, I have a good saving for my future. During the lockdown, my expenditure has drastically come down to 40 percent of my expenditure. I could save some money. No marketing was done during the last six months. Recently, I started making some online purchases.

    I must say that pandemic has taught us the economical living. We should follow the same and avoid unnecessary expenditures like going to market and making unnecessary purchases, visiting hotels and spending lavishly for food.

    Others should learn that they should have their savings to meet such unexpected pandemic like situations.

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