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    Which part/organ of your body is the most underutilized?

    We have been blessed with a body that is complete in itself and has evolved after millions of years of evolution. The complete body is an integrated structure of bone, muscles, organs, tissues, blood, and then brain, emotions and soul.

    One life can never be enough to understand this complex structure that we are. Although, I would like to know from members as to what organ/ part of your body you think remains mostly unutilized or is the most underutilized organ.

    I think it is the brain of most people which remains the most unutilized one. Scientific studies also show that and average human hardly uses his 1-3% of his brain capacity so mostly the brain goes waste. Most of the other organs like heart, lung, liver, spleen work on auto mode so they work continuously and without any control of ours.

    We can control and make our brain function in a better way but we fail to do so. Consequently, I feel brain is the least used body organ.

    Member can share their view with reasons.
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    A human being can live healthy with a lot of happiness without using his brain also. But if any of the organs don't work we will have health problems and we will be in trouble. That may be the reason human beings are using the brain very less. All the organs will be working on their own and the moment they stop working we will have some problem. But the brain will not work and we have to make it to work. I think the difference is there.
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    Unlike the other body parts, the brain is like the software of a computer part. In a computer, immediately after turning on, all the hardware gets energized like our body parts as we wake up from the bed. The software comes into operation only when we load a disc or pen drive. If the software is not maintained properly, it would become corrupt and useless. Similarly, we need to keep our brain maintained well without any pressure or damage to it.
    So, there is no body part underutilized. Every part has its own function without which humans cannot perform.

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    The brain is the organ which brings fame to the whole body. The thinking ability lies with the human being brain itself. We have to work hard to learn skills to tackle our brain. This energised our body to actual work.
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    There is no hard and fast rule to utilize our organs daily and we have the options of using the same as the case required. By the way our brain is most under utilized because even the brightest person on the earth is said to have used just 5 percent below of his brain capacity and thus we are shying away to use our brains which is ready to guide us and give the forehand tips to deal the situation and get into confidence level of beating the other competitors. And I have also seen some people who utilized their brain to maximum and found to be behaving eccentrically. That means those persons are not getting the friendship of same category and thus they go into the living alone mode and thus becomes more mad looking to others. But they are well educated and knows the value of time and money and also respect those who are also good educated.
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    A Google search would show a list of such organs/parts in human body that has practically no use but I don't think brain is most underutilized. Our brain is controlling all the activities that we carry out and it is also controlling the functionality of other organs. I am not aware if there is any manual available where the procedure to utilize our brain fully is provided. On one way we can say we do not use our intellect fully and that's why it is creating a lot of problems around us. Utlizing the intellect all the time will make a person active round the clock and the less we use our intellect the less will be our intelligent activities. If we think of our daily routine we will find that a large part of it is spent on doing repetitive tasks. To perform these repetitive tasks, intelligence is hardly required and may be that's why do not utilize our intellect all the time. To do something creative, intellect is required. To be innovative, intellect is required. To admire the creativity or to enjoy the results of innovation not much intellect is required. Most of us prefer the latter and that's why on an average we do not utilize our intellect to the fullest.

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    Our body is a biochemical living entity and every part has some function in its own way. It is a complex system of glands, chemicals, bones, muscles, blood etc and everything has to be in a range otherwise the part would start malfunctioning and bring some ailment in that process. Brain is the CPU which governs and monitors all the actions. Now it is up to the individual as how much brain one uses and how much memory one utilises. There are people like Shakuntala Devi who use a good pat of their brain to do long calculations in seconds. So, it varies from individual to individual. A labour uses his muscles and tendons much but a white collar person uses them occasionally. So, it depends on our profession also as which part would be more functional or not.
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    The answer to this question is that each organ and all the associated senses depend on the kind of life we lead. They vary from individual to individual. A rich person would use more of his/her analytical mind as they tend to be more of decision makers. The same cannot be said for an average person or poor person. They may use their mind for more physical oriented tasks and or implement their energies towards developing a concept or an idea in case of a student or a scholar that is. A lover may use his/her heart more often than an average person because he/she is passionate about something or someone. So you see readers the answer varies between individual to individual and prespective timeframe.

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    All the organs have their own importance, in the absence of any organ, the normal functioning of the body is reduced whether it is the hands, feet, eyes and nose. Every organ has their own work which no one else can do. The human brain plays an important role in the operation of these organs, this is true, but the importance of each organ cannot be underestimated.
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