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    Your consistency alone would take you to the places

    Be it studies or work at office, the consistency plays greater role in daily life and you are being noticed with awe by others for sheer dedication and maintaining the tempo of great going and not stopping the performance citing any reason and thus those who are consistent in their effort are most sought after, liked and loved. Because of our consistency others down the line are also induced and made to follow us, because they see a mentor in our work and proficiency of doing the things in different way and for consistent student there is no fear of exam.
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    Consistency in good performance always gives us better results. Always you should work to the best of your abilities. That is the requirement. Today working hard and forgetting about the work for the next two days will not give you any mileage. A player who makes a century today and gets out without scoring in the next three or four matches can't be taken as a good player. But a person who is scoring consistently 50 or 60 runs is a better player. In the same, a person scoring 90% in mathematics but scoring 40 % in science may not be treated as the best student. But a student who scores 75 to 80% in all the subjects will be treated as the best student.
    So one should try to perform always better but not randomly. We should practice for this consistency. Then only we can go for a good position in our career and also in studies.

    always confident

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    Yes it's very important to be consistent, and very important to stay focused in the long run. Sometimes we might suffer some setbacks but if we're consistent throughout we will suerly suceed no matter what the circumstance. Hence we must not give up, and continue to be persistent with our goals. Success will follow.

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    I fully agree with the author, consistency is the main aspect on which your success can be built. In any aspect of life consistency is most important. If a mother cares and nurtures her kids for first 5 years and then becomes negligent as the kids grow up, then the growing exposure of world may affect the kids badly. She has to do her motherly duties of teaching values to children until they are mature enough. Same way, if a farmer nurtures his farm for few days and neglects it for few days, he cannot expect good quality and quantity of crops. If the efforts are consistent, the results are surely good.
    Life is God's Gift !! Appreciate Life !! Thank you Universe !!

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    Consistent may also lead the employee to take up more responsible duties but the outcome may not be equivalent. The person who is dedicated gets less paid than the newly employed staffs. There is discrimination which effects at various levels. Be consistent but as well be mindful. This should be the key to be kept in mind by any employee. Any employer for this matter may except the best in you at all times within a short span of time. Expectations are more than the benefits provided.
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    Consistency is something that we all strive for though it takes a lot of efforts and concentration to achieve that. Consistency means to maintain ones standard of working and that asks for a lot of hard work.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I fully agree that consistency is the key to achievements. But it requires will power and discipline of very high level. After working 5 or 6 days in a week, every one wants to lay down and pass time leisurely in viewing TV or chit chatting or just idling but there are people who engage themselves in creative activities like gardening, social work, academic work, manual work in the house and many such things which are actually falling in the positive territories. These are the people, I would say, who are consistent in their approach to life. Wasting time is very common but if one does that then he is losing a great opportunity which would never come back in the same slot. It is gone for ever.
    Knowledge is power.

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